Manila – Day 3 -Intramuros

The walled city Intramuros is the highlight of our time in Manila. Even though I am not a history buff, I fell in love with Old World Charm of this ancient area. Not as jammed with people and tourists like others parts of Manila.


Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant


Narrow streets, stone walkways, quaint restaurants…oh oh …That’s me….Food, Food, Food. Fabulous Filipino buffet lunch at Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant.

San Agustin Church


The oldest church in Manila . Originally built from wood shortly after the arrival of the Spanish. Destroyed by fire when the Chinese pirate Limahong attempted to conquer Manila in 1574. Rebuilt with stone in 1604 and has survived frequent earthquakes. Also made through numerous battles. Beautiful on the outside. Unfortunately it was closed due to a lunch break and we couldn’t enter.

Good Bye Intramuros

We have a short stay in Manila. Intramuros is a place not to be missed. The drive back to our hotel in Makati gives us a good view of our surroundings. Searching online you think you have a clear view the City. You may or may want not go to. That would be a whole different view of the world, if you do not have feet on the ground.


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