Makati – Manila

Makati is a perfect place to stay. Many great hotels, restaurants and places to visit.

We ended up in the poorer end of town around the corner from the Red Light District. Could have dug deeper into the reviews. It was all good though. We walked around the area and did our own city tour. An easy walk from our end to the classy end of town. The sky rise buildings are impressive surrounded by gardens and monuments. Security guards are on every corner. They were helpful in directing us to the underground pedway. Otherwise we would have been running around like cats in a maze.

Ayala Museum 

Within 20 minutes  we arrive at the Ayala Museum. My favorite section is the gold exhibit on the 4th floor. We pass through security gates that open and are locked as we enter. It is like walking into a bank vault. Jewelry, golden bowls and burial pieces dating back to the 10th century. Very interesting to learn how mankind began using gold as the first currency.

On the next two floors there are displays and information regarding history dating back to prehistoric times and on through all generations in the Philippines.

ayala 2


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