Lens Artists Challenge # 124: Now and Then

Our world has changed our lives. We are in lockdown…but I feel positive that we will get back to the norm. I enjoy planning our travel journeys to places we haven’t been. Years ago I meet a traveler in Costa Rica who said he had been to 50 different countries…and that became our goal. Then- […]

HILL TRIBE- Thailand

Part of our tour around Chiang Rai was to visit the Hill Tribes. Unknown to us, when we booked our tour, we had to pay 600 Baht to enter the village. When we arrive we are dropped off at what was basically, a market. Not a village. We walked through and discovered the Karen Tribe. […]

Charles Darwin Research Center – Galapagos

Day 6- Santa Cruz We had a short journey last night and most of us appreciate we didn’t get seasick. The seas have been very rough for most of our trip. Today we go to the Charles Darwin Research Station. This area conducts research for Galapagos conservation, focusing in two major areas: Terrestrial conservation, the […]

Bartolome Island – Galapagos

Day 5 Bartolome Island This afternoon we land on this pock marked island. A small island located on the center of the archipelago.  It’s hard to believe anything can live here. It seems like we’ve landed on the moon. We walk to the summit of a once active volcano. As we climb, we see all […]

Remembrance Day – Nov.11

10 Quick Facts on… In Flanders Fields Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae was the Canadian army doctor who wrote the world famous poem In Flanders Fields. John McCrae was born in Guelph, Ontario, on November 30, 1872. He attended the University of Toronto Medical School. He liked to write and some of his poems and short stories were […]

Puerto Egas – Galapagos

Day 5 – Santiago This morning after a wet landing on the island, we have a chance to do some snorkeling. We were amazed to see the green turtles swimming by. So many colorful fish my favorites were parrot fish and king angelfish. The island is covered with lava flows and arid vegetation. We see […]

Fernandina Island – Galapagos

Day 4 –Punta Espinosa – This afternoon, after a short cruise, we have a dry landing at Punta Espinosa, Fernandina Island. We are told this is the youngest and most pristine island in the Galapagos. There are no introduced species of wildlife brought here from other areas. And with the help of us all it will […]

Isabela – Galapagos

Day Four – Isabela Last night we cruised for about 17 hours on rough seas. I was so sea sick. I sat out on the back of the boat and almost got washed overboard. All of us were sick except Pat and the Captain. This morning we awakened to Isabela. This is the largest of […]

Comparison between Two Generations–

I agree with Ranjus, it is a must read. What a beautiful answer!Comparison between two “Generations” ……. Everyone must read 👌👌 A youngster asked his father: “How did you people live before with-No access to technologyNo aeroplanesNo internetNo computersNo dramasNo TVsNo air consNo carsNo mobile phones?” His Dad replied:“Just like how your generation lives today […]

North Seymore Island – Galapagos

Day 3- Bachas Beach- North Seymore Baltra Island, also known as North Seymour is a small flat island in the center of the Galapagos. In the past it was a US Army Air Force Base during WW2. Now we have an idea what treats are in store. This morning is a wet landing at Bachas Beach. On […]

Genovesa Island – Galapagos

 Day 2 Galapagos — Dry Landing Genovesa ( Tower) This morning we take the panga to shore and dock. We don’t get in the water. The island is named after the Italian city of Genoa, in honor of Christopher Columbus. We landed at Prince Philips Steps. It is a steep rock staircase that we climb […]

Chili – Things to See and Do

Santiago A three hour flight from Lima Peru to Santiago Chili. Loved seeing the Andes Mountains in the distance. Fonck Museum – Vina del Mar Only two REAL Moai outside of the Easter Islands–one that is in dispute that was stolen and is now on display in the British Museum in London and this Moai […]

Kourion Archaeological Site

A spectacular site which comprises many monuments dating back from the ancient times. We take a cab from our hotel and arrange for him to pick us up in 3 hours. He arrived on time …25 Euros return…Perfect!! The information center has a site map with a description of the area and the most important […]