Baby Orangutan – Sepilok

Our visit to the rehabilitation center. It is still raining harder than ever…we wondered if the feeding area would be closed. The feeding area is open with only a couple of other visitors. We were delighted to see a Mama Orangutan and her baby. A couple of large Orangutans arrive and once they eat their […]

CMMC – July Pick a Topic

This is fun idea -Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC). For Cee Neuner’s midweek madness challenge (CMMC) the photo from which we have to pick a topic children’s play area, haystack, grape vines, trees, green blue, red, stairs, lines, field, trees, green, tan, and more. Mamma Deer is taking care of her kids. Old colorful buildings in Lunenburg.

Long Tail Macaque Monkeys- Borneo

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center is next door to our lodge. We take a short hike along a raised wooden walkway to see the orangutans. The playful and entertaining Long Tail Macaque monkeys greet us at the feeding platform. Sometime they are named crab-eating macaque There were at least 50 of them swinging about and I must […]

Borneo Rain forest

Palm Oil – Destroying our World Borneo is a tiny and a unique part of our world. We feel so privileged to have traveled here. One of the oldest rain forest in the world, and home to a huge number of plants, trees, mammals and at least 400 types of birds. Our guide pointed out plants with various medicinal […]

Sandakan – Malaysia

Monsoon Season Travelling to Borneo during Monsoon season is probably not the wisest option. However in many ways it added to our adventure. On our first night the rains were pounding down and we feared we could be washed away. The water was roaring down the hill behind us all night long. On a positive […]

CMMC- July Color – Brown

Ngorongoro Crater – Baby lion is happy with her Mama. My Doggy is asking me to come on up! Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC).  The color topic is Brown. Here is a link to Cee’s  CMMC Home page for more information.

Lens Artists Challenge #156: Black and White

Lens Artists Challenge is fun. I search through my photos of our travels adventures. Some are very old. Egypt- An old image in the Abu Simbel Temple, on the west bank of the Nile. One of Egypt’s mightiest Pharaoh Ramesses II beating one of his Hittites enemy. Anne Sandler is hosting this  Click here to […]

Larnaka – Cyprus

Larnaka is a bustling seafront tourist town …even in off season. Our most interesting and unusual site we see is this older lady walking along the waterfront with 4 birds on her shoulders and head. I am sure she has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. Church of Saint Lazarus Situated in the center of […]

Peaceful Sunday

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – Perfect spot for a relaxing walk to view the Charlottetown waterfront. Whether during the morning or evening this is the perfect spot to walk, relax and see people fishing.

FOTD-July 10- Double Pink Poppy

Papaver somniferum is a subtype of opium poppy or bread seed poppy. It grows to about 60 to 90cm tall and has thick, hairy stems and lettuce like leaves. This poppy self seeds all over my garden but still love having this poppy. Here is a link to Cee’s Flower of the Day Page  FOTD page. It […]

Anne Of Green Gables

Located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island National Park. It has been years since we have been here. It is updated with the Museum explaining about her background. Lucy Maude Montgomery was 21 months old when her mother dies of tuberculosis. Her father moved to Saskatchewan and she was raised with her grandparents in Prince Edward […]

My Husband’s New Album – ‘Senor Dude’

Pat wrote these songs and is a fabulous singer and guitarist. Take a listen to ‘Senor Dude’. It is now LIVE at Please go to his Home Page and click the box in the center of the page marked FREE DOWNLOAD. Here you will find all the songs on Senor Dude for FREE until July 14, […]

The Killing Fields – Cambodia

With no doubt, this is one of those sites that describes mankind at its worst. So hauntingly quiet. Between 1975-1978, these years of horror, my senses can not take this all in. The leader of the Communist Party ,Pol Pot, pushed Cambodia towards communism. It resulted in the deaths of 1.5 to 2 million people from […]

Day 3 – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

National Museum The Museum, along with the rest of Phnom Penh, was evacuated and abandoned. It closed between 1975 and 1979, and was found in disrepair. Many objects were damaged and stolen. The Museum was repaired and reopened in 1979. The Royal University of Fine Arts is located on the west side of the museum.  […]

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

2012- We catch a bus in Ho Chi Min, our first and only time we have been in Cambodia. As we are about to cross the border our bus driver collected our Passports and $25.00 to get us our Visa. Sometimes we have to put rules for travel aside and go with TRUST!!! Crossing into […]

Lunenburg Academy- Nova Scotia

We loved our day trip to Lunenburg. This town has so much history and an amazing ocean front walkway. Site Number 1 This is a National Historic Site, dating back over 100 years and is registered as a Municipal, Provincial and Federal Heritage Property. The Lunenburg Academy, built between 1893-1895, is an entirely a wood […]