Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169: The Ordinary

Our host  I. J. Khanewala makes me happy joining the Ordinary theme challenge. Here is a link to  IJ’s post. Xavier is happy enjoying his ORDINARY pastry I can’t paddle in the ocean as the ORDINARY tide is gone. Yuck! Abby Road – Walking across an ORDINARY Crosswalk Tree God mentions ” They all think I […]

Colorful Sunday Hike

Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend– A very quiet morning hiking along the Trail. People are getting ready to invite neighbors, family and friends for their Turkey dinner. Very peaceful and colorful autumn leaves. I saw a reflection in the pond of the plane trail above.

Road Trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Seal Island Bridge Driving over the bridge gives an amazing view of the waters below. Began in 1960, the Seal Island Bridge is located in Victoria County Nova Scotia. It is the third longest bridge span in this province. This an image we took from our boat last year . Alexander Graham Bell Museum Alexander Graham Bell( 1847-1922) […]

Limassol Waterfront -Cyprus

The Good Part The Promenade along the waterfront leads towards the dockside in the Old Town. It is a perfect place to see fishing boats, yachts and views of the ocean. We see sculptures by Greek Cypriots, and international art work along the waterfront. The Bad Part Many restaurants in the Old Town and are […]

Partridge Berries – Newfoundland

On our trip to Gros St. Anthony Newfoundland, we discovered these Wild Partridgeberries, relative of the cranberry family, and internationally known as the lingonberry. They are low mat forming evergreen shrub with tiny rounded leaves. These berries grow in the dry, acidic soils of Newfoundland and Labrador’s barrens and coastal headlands.  It took a long […]

Bay of Fundy-Nova Scotia

Today was a great day trip. Loved walking trail and at one time was a train track. I enjoy seeing the farm fields and the Fundy Tides. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world , stretches between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on Canada’s east coast.  Each day […]

Rome – Colosseum

What a great place to take a break on our long journey to Africa. This was a wonderful start for this fabulous trip to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. These are the photos of our first day when we arrived in Italy.  The largest ancient amphitheater ever built, in 80 AD. It is one of the […]

Limassol Castle, Cyprus

January 2018-Overnight flight from Nova Scotia to Heathrow. We took the National Express bus to Gatwick and took the train to our Hotel. Best way to escape our Jet Lag. Next morning we flew with Easyjet to Cyprus. We shoved everything into our small carry on suitcase and shoved it under our seat…we are always […]

Tombstone, Arizona – Day Two

High on our list was to see the OK Corral. We saw two (nearly identical) shoot outs – the unofficial morning version, and the “official” one at the corral in the afternoon. It did give us the idea of what happened in the O.K. Corral in October of 1881. People dressed in the 1880 clothes- […]

Nicosia – Cyprus

Nicosia, divided between the Turks and the Greeks…last divided city in the EU. Arriving into Nicosia we notice a huge Turkish Flag made of stone on the mountainside facing the Greek side. Hummm!! Presidential Palace Our first stop was at the Palace of the Emperor of Cyprus, who was once the Archbishop. This is where […]