TANZANIA -This gorge is  a steep-sided ravine about 30 miles long, in the Rift Valley. The  Olduvai Gorge is commonly referred to as “The Cradle of Mankind.” This is site was made famous largely by the work started in the 1930’s by Louis and Mary Leakey. It is one of the most important prehistoric sites […]

Lens Artist Photo Challenge #212: Motion

These Navy Ships are all over the harbor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are very strong going through the MOTION in the ocean. We were on our boat sailing in the Bedford Basin and noticed the motion of the water behind us. This little guy was happy feeding birds in motion in the square in […]

Sweeney Museum Yarmouth-Nova Scotia

The W. Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Museum was created by W. Laurence Sweeney’s son and daughters. We learned to convey the story of all the people of Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Limited A small but beautiful museum to learn about the history of the Sweeney Fisheries.We were here for research, but this is a museum for everyone […]

Yarmouth County Museum

Located in the heart of Yarmouth’s heritage residential district, the museum is housed in a former church built in 1892. Two stagecoaches were owned and operated by William Van Norden during the mid-to-late 1800s. Cattle Horn Furniture – dates in the late 1800’s 1923- Blood Pressure Monitor and Ethol Chloride to the skin. Sea Captain […]

Sabi Sands – South Africa

THE BEST MOMENT CAN BE THE WORST – On the edge of my seat in an open jeep. THERE ! A LEOPARD !  OMG he’s going to jump into the Jeep and grab me!! Driver says, “Stay calm, no screaming!” This is the excitement we signed up for. Somehow I managed to keep my mouth […]

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe

2014 -Compared to Zambia, a very different view of the Falls on this side. Around two thirds of the Falls are located here….Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Rainbow Falls. Locals nicknamed the Falls “smoke that thunders”…I get it…roaring waters and cloudy mist. Even though we are here in dry season the mists rise […]

Zambia – East Africa

2014 -Our taxi driver was able to get us through Border Control to enter Zambia. With feet on the ground we reached our 100th Country. Goal accomplished!! We considered our driver to be our Tour Guide. From the bridge we had our first view of Victoria Falls during the dry season. Amazing view of the […]

Johannesburg – South Africa

On our way back from Cape Town we have an overnight stay in Johannesburg. Exhausted after our early morning flight, we can’t resist taking the rest of the day to see our surroundings. From the moment we enter our Hotel and we saw facts surrounding this dark period of South Africa are outlined in a […]

Ho Chi Minh City – (Saigon)

One hour flight from Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh on board a prop plane “VASCO”. Limited security at check-in and bottled water permitted on board. Our carry on baggage didn’t fit in the overhead. The flight attendant said we can put in on the floor in the middle of the isle. Passengers could trip […]

Thailand – Bus Tour, From Duong Dong

2017 Phu Quoc -This was a long but great seven hour tour. Unbelievable low price, $16.00 each. Our guide was informative giving us an overview of what we are seeing. First stop was at the Pearl Farm. I wasn’t prepared to buy a $3000.00 strand of pearls. Later we noticed this lady in a different […]

Is this a Rock Bridge?

Walking along the trail in Bermuda looked like bridge. Humm. I looked up this info during the times of the glacial cycles. Sea levels rose and fell, variously exposing and covering Bermuda’s sedimentary rocks. Now the above-water island rocks are almost exclusively limestone, sculpted by wind and waves.

Bermuda – Day 3

This morning there was 26 KM running event this morning. We saw so many runners. It is named Half Day Derby Race. They noticed so many friends running by. In the afternoon we went to see Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. It was built in 1844 and made of cast iron. It has 185 steps to the […]

Vietnam Phu Quoc- Duong Dong

2017 -Dragon Air from Hanoi to Phu Quoc. Impressed how you board from the back and front of the plane regarding your seat number. Duong Dong is a beach town with lots of little shops, bars and restaurants. In the evening the whole town is a night market. We have to watch our step, as […]

Hanoi – Day 2

2017 – Hoan Kiem -this is Hanoi’s major commercial district. The ancient commercial streets which are named after their original businesses dating back about 1,000 years. Entering a three story market, which we realize, is actually a wholesale bulk buy place. We thought it was a Mall. Regardless, we were able to buy a couple […]

Hanoi- Street Food and Water Puppet Show

2017-We decide to take a go trying eat Street Food. Very typical way of eating in this area. Along every narrow lane there multiple places to eat. Phò is Vietnam’s most famous dish. A rice noodle soup made with herbs and either beef or chicken. Chicken Skewers with peanut sauce are my favorite. Loved it. […]

Exploring Our World

Serengeti, Africa – She looks happy looking for her hubby! Galapagos Islands – Furry Seal in the Water Costa Rica – The capuchin monkey family are so happy together. They are also called the White Faced Monkeys. Giza, Egypt – This camel loves to carry passengers and ride through the desert to the base of […]

Hanoi – Vietnam

Jet lagged after our long flight from Toronto. Only two attendants at the desk in Hanoi looking for our “Visa upon Arrival”. It was a toss up as to who is next. We were all in a quandary. Took over an hour to be cleared to go. The “Elegant Ruby Hotel” was perfect, friendly staff […]

Botswana- 2014

Chobe National Park – Safari on the River We started our safari by boat. The Chobe River flows into Zambezi where Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana intersect. Seeing animals swimming in groups along the river was a first for us and an amazing experience. Lines of elephants and groups of hippos were a show stopper. […]

Orangutan Extinction – Sandakan

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre – Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia – This was founded in 1964, to rehabilitate orphaned orangutans. We are told that Orangutans have a 96% match genetically to humans. Seeing them in action, it is easy to believe they are a match to humans. Borneo’s forests have been degraded by logging and cleared […]

Cape Town – Photo Memories

These photos bring back memories of the time we visited Cape Town, (2014). So much to see a do…we will return…when our world gets back to normal . We enjoyed our time and the food was so delicious. . Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Robben Island – We took ferry across from Simons Town . A […]

Malta to Sicily (Taormina)

2018 – Bus TD 2 are direct buses from Sleima to the airport….6 Euros and 20 minutes later we arrive. Our 55 minute Flight to Catania, quick and smooth. Upon arrival our driver is there waiting for us. ! An hour later we are at our hotel! Taormina, a hilltop town with narrow streets designed […]


Melocactus (melon cactus), also known as the Turk’s cap cactus.. The red, wool-coated cephalium, said to resemble the Fez hat of Turkish male citizens during the late Ottoman Empire. The popular story is the name Turks being Turk’s Head “fez” cactus, and the name Caicos, a Lucayan term “caya hico,” meaning string of islands. I […]

Mango Reef – Very Quiet

So many tourists cancelled their trips..but a safe place for us dine. We sat on the dockside with a great view. Our Caribbean Lobster was delicious. I enjoyed the lobster with fried veggies and Pat had a great lobster pasta. There are so many birds running around looking for food. Maybe they might be hungry.

St. Petersburg – Day 1

Hermitage– We followed the directions on our map and walked to the Hermitage…ended up going to the back by the river but eventually circled the whole building and ended up in the huge square and found the front door. There was no line up for tickets . We bought our tickets to enter and camera […]

Finland to Russia

2013 -St. Peter Line – St. Petersburg We caught a taxi to West Terminal , as it seemed too inconvenient to look for a bus. We checked in early 3pm , a very painless process. They looked at our passport , online Reservation and hotel booking .They gave us our boarding card , which also […]

Sunrise and Sunset

SUNRISE -I took this photo from our window . It caught my attention and it was so colorful and amazing. SUNSET -It was snowy and very cold last evening . Temperature was -16C . I loved seeing the pale pink sky in the background.

CFFC : Which Way

On our way to Louisburg crossing over the Seal Island Bridge. Great Views from above seeing the Great Bras d’Or Channel. The Fortress of Louisburg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is a National Historic Site. Loved roaming around seeing reconstruction of the 18th century-style French fortress. This is a fun idea ..Cee –  Cee’s Fun Foto […]

Helsinki, Finland – Day 3

Market Square – We spent hours here making sure to see every craft store. There are some wonderful Finnish handicrafts here. We buy a couple of lovely wooden hats and a numbered print from a local artist of a reindeer. There are so many fur garments not able wear these anymore. There were lots of […]

Macro Monday

Kruger, South Africa – Loved seeing these elephants on Safari. Our guide said these elephants weigh up to about 7 tons and reaches the height of about 3 meters at the shoulder. They are voracious eaters which in a day they consume about 600 pounds and bark from trees. Elephants can live to a potential age of […]

Helsinki, Finland – Day 1

2013- Woke up after a restless night to a rainy morning. The cab driver was waiting for us and 20 minute ride to the airport. Copenhagen airport is modern and efficient. I think it was one of my favorite airports I have ever been through. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines ) –Easy and Friendly check -in and […]

Close Up Photos- Galapagos, Africa, Canada

Welcome to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC). The topic is Close Up or Macro. Galapagos , Sea iguana – 1835, Charles Darwin discovered land iguanas racing about on the island. We loved our time searching around the seeing so much wildlife. Serengeti – He is so happy having his new wife. He’s lucky and durable, might attain the advanced […]

Lens-Artists Challenge #177 – Celebrating

Evergreen Festival, Halifax Public Gardens – Dressed in Holiday Style. ‘Tis the Season to Be Merry! These kids are so happy on these big friendly horses with Christmas Wreaths around their necks. Snow Falling …la la la. He is so happy walking across the Bridge during the snow storm. Here is the link to Amy’s […]