Rainy Day in Bergen

Bergenhus Castle Bergen has so many historic places to visit. Bergenhus Castle, built in the 1700’s is located near Bergen harbour. Free visit. The interior is closed for the season. Interesting walk around the Fortress. As we walk by the cannons near the edge of the cliff we notice the spectacular views of the harbour. […]

Tour Bergen Norway

Bergen is an interesting City to visit. History, Food and a Spectacular waterfront. Very hilly and good place for a workout. Our first stop was to see the ancient Leprosy Museum. Founded in the 15th Century, was the Hospital for Leper’s until the early 1900’s. Unfortunately it was closed for the season. A lot of […]

The Louvre

THE LOUVRE Our booked tickets helped beat the crowds. A popular tourist place. First stop for all visitors is the the Mona Lisa. The highlight of the Louvre. Forty minutes later we are in front of the barred-off area of the Mona Lisa. When we were here, years ago, we could stand directly in front […]

Airport – Manila

On our way from Manila to Hong Kong. Due to heavy traffic we decide to leave at 4:00 AM. Upon arrival at the Airport all vehicles are being checked by Security. STEP ONE  Passengers are being checked outside the airport before entry. No Visitors are permitted to enter. Without having printed boarding passes, we would have been denied […]

Manila – Day One – what to see and do

Heading out this morning with our driver Joshua. Brutal bumper to bumper traffic. The highlight is seeing a real view of Manila. Jammed with people, bikes, trucks, buses and jeepneys. Jeepney Realized jeepneys were USA military jeeps used during the Second World War. The idea is the the name Jeepney came from the words Jeep […]

The Forbidden City

It’s been years since we have been here and we are awestruck to see this site again.The Forbidden City began in the 1500’s And is now called the Imperial Palace Museum. This is the largest ancient Chinese architecture still standing. Over hundreds of years there were twenty four Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. […]