Da Nang-Vietnam

Now in Hoi An, a 3 hour drive from Hue. Near Da Nang was the largest city , which was once a huge base for the American troops during the Vietnam Nan War. The beach was named the China Beach by the American Troops. PAGODA WE STOOD AT THE TOP OF MARBLE MOUNTAIN AND CAUGHT […]

Valetta Malta

I have never seen so many cats roaming the streets in my life….is that where their name is a Maltese Cat comes from. In fact, Malta could well be the best place in the world to have a stray cats. This black cat is staring at me. This car is sitting on this car . […]

Frosty Wednesday

Walking this morning along the wooden trail on the Bedford Waterfront and such a Frosty Day . I saw these sailing Boats anchored in the Basin but it definitely caught my attention. This Bedford Basin in this large Bay . It has deep water and is part of the end of Halifax Harbour. This sun […]

Canada Grey Jay

Nova Scotia – My country’s namesake bird, in the shade on frosty pine needles, with a golden sun-lit background. What’s not to like? I recognize one of the country’s most common birds, the Canada Jay or Grey Jay.

Machu Picchu – Peru

2004 –An amazing site to see. We travelled by train from Cusco. Just over a 3-hour journey beginning with a series of switchbacks, known appropriately as the ‘zig-zag’ on the hills, out of Cusco. It made me nervous. Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River […]

Canada Geese

This Goose is trying to eat something in this pond and he might be hungry. He was hiding along the shoreline ( maybe he might be injured) Now he took off onto the Shoreline. Canada geese and a pair of black ducks are all together. They are friends.

Beijing – Forbidden City

2019 – China We saw this Full Moon early morning Tian Anmen Square. So many people here. The Forbidden City was named the Former Palace is an imperial palace complex of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368–1912) in Beijing, China. We saw these large red walls and yellow glazed roof tiles. After its completion in […]

Ring Necked Pheasant

I got a few quick shots of this handsome male Ring-necked Pheasant before he took off. The colourful male head and neck are bright blue with a white ring around the neck and a metallic green crown. The face is bare of feathers but has bright red checks. He flew away.

Medicine Trees – Tanzania

As we walk through the Mosquito River Village our guide Sunday points out the Muiri Tree, locally known as the Medicine Tree and also named Red Stinkwood in Kenya. The real name is Prunus Africana. Liquid extracts from bark are used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate gland hypertrophy. Leaves are used […]

Mosquito River-Tanzania

The word Mto was Mbu literally means “Mosquito River“. We visited here on our return to Arusha. Leaving the lands that are plagued by drought behind, Mosquito River looks like a desert. Not so however, as this area gets its name from the large number of mosquitos that breed here and sadly the resulting of […]

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge

Perched high on the crater rim, blended into the cliffs this is a wonderful lodge. Even for the toughest critics this lodge would not disappoint. It has a wonderful atmosphere with lots of exposed stone, both inside and out. We saw this guy was climbing a pole. Humm?? We don’t know . We had a […]

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania Part 1

We feel so fortunate in the morning, the skies are clear with no low lying clouds or fog, both common in this area. Our view is spectacular as we descend the breathtaking 610 meters to the crater floor. The Ngorongoro Crater,  is the world’s largest unbroken, unflooded volcanic caldera . The crater, was formed when […]

Hopewell Cape Rocks

New Brunswick-We visited there during the Autumn days. We walked down the staircase to the coast line during the low tide and it caught our attention. We saw there were sea stacks (also known as flowerpots and astounding variety of sizes and shapes. We saw the whimsical names of Bear, and a Dinosaur. We realized […]

Frosty Day – Today

A snow day is wrapping up just in time for the week. This morning I was able to go out for a walk, with a bit of snow falling. White-tailed deer are staring at me. The most common deer species in all of North America are not native to Nova Scotia. White-tailed deer arrived in the […]

Christmas Light Show

Halifax’s Connaught Avenue have hosted one of the city’s most visited Christmas light displays. Each year, brothers Carman and Nick Giacomantonio, originally from Whitney Pier in Cape Breton, have worked together on the exhibit. They are both Doctors. Nick is a Cardiologist and Carmen is an Oncologist. They are very intelligent. Giacomantonio is also collecting […]

Home For Christmas – Maud Lewis -1958

March 7, 1903 – July 30, 1970 Maud Lewis ( nee Dowley She was a Canadian folk artist from Nova Scotia. e lived most of her life in poverty in a small house in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia. She achieved national recognition in 1964 and 1965 for her cheerful paintings of landscapes, animals and flowers, which […]

Florence Italy

2017 – Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence, Italy) 🇮🇹 Florence could be the best place in Italy to spend time. There is more than enough things to do in this historical area.The people are friendly and helpful. Communication is easy because English is widely spoken or understood though it is always polite to […]

Roman Forum and The Colosseum

2016 -First stop we were visiting the Roman Forum. We learned from Trip Advisor to buy the tickets at the Forum to avoid the lineup at the Colosseum. It’s been so long since we last visited here and it looks just as amazing as we remembered. Rick Steve’s audio guide gave us a wonderful tour. […]

Gozo -Malta – 2018

2018 – Malta We catch Bus 222 from Sliema the the ferry and we were jammed with people. Took about an hour to arrive to the ferry and 460 Euro return. The Ferry crossing took about 25 minutes. Fabulous views of the coast along the way. The Bus is there as soon as we dock. […]

Copenhagen- Denmark 🇩🇰

2013 – Halifax to Copenhagen return. $740.00. But definitely a no frills flight. Couldn’t select seats when I booked but missed out, when I realized you could….we ended up at the back of the bus. No big deal though. They did give us a bottle of water though….but when we change planes in Iceland they […]

Pileated Woodpecker

The Pileated Woodpecker is one of the biggest, most striking forest birds in Nova Scotia. It’s nearly the size of a crow, black with bold white stripes down the neck and a flaming-red head. I saw him on a power pole. He is leaving unique rectangular holes in the wood. Then I saw him leaving […]

Birds – Nova Scotia

I saw this Seagull struggle with eating a very large meal along the shore. I initially thought it was a crab or lobster…nope, it was a bird/duck of some sort. This was both interesting. I saw another Gull Flying away. I walked by and I noticed this sweet chick-a-dee.I like everything about them and they’re […]

Full Moon Last Night

I noticed this December Cold Full Moon and it rose above our horizon during our sunset. Our dark night began early in the evening and it became very dark around 5:30. In December it is known as the Winter Solstace and the last Full Moon is in Gemini. This Full Moon caught our attention.

South Africa- Cape Town

2014 – Cape Town – Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. These photos bring back memories of the time we visited Cape Town and enjoyed our time and the food was so delicious. Robben Island – We took ferry across from Simons Town . A very interesting site we saw . Simon’s Town – Boulders Penguin Colony- […]

All Over Africa On Safari

Our time on safari in the Serengeti was absolutely amazing. Each day had its surprise of seeing animals in action. Not just 1 or 2 lions but a whole pride of more than 10 lions at a time and is not uncommon. Our guide was a very knowledgeable of the wildlife and the geography of the […]