South Africa- Cape Town

2014 – Cape Town – Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. These photos bring back memories of the time we visited Cape Town and enjoyed our time and the food was so delicious. Robben Island – We took ferry across from Simons Town . A very interesting site we saw Simon’s Town – Boulders Penguin Colony- Less […]


We went out last night kinda hoping for a little bit of northern lights (it was a long shot) and coupling that with a pano including the Milky Way. It was not to be, or at least not while I was out. Later I saw this cloudy sunset.

Eastern Bluebirds

Tonight after supper I spied the male sitting on top of the box they have choosen to hopefully raise a family, its been a hectic few days, he has been sitting on guard duty ever since the Tree Swallows arrived and decided to take the box close to this one, a box the bluebirds have […]

Mount Etna, Sicily – 2013

We visited Catania, Sicily and an amazing site to see. It was locally called “Mongibello”, Europe’s largest and most active volcano. Its frequent eruptions are often accompanied by large lava flows. We learned for about 500,000 years and is in the midst of a series of eruptions that began in 2013. We saw this White […]

Red Foxes

These Three baby Red Foxes on this branch and they are are happy together. They jumped down from the tree and the two of these are staring at me.


I have visited this old house many times in the past and it was beautiful to see this little old magnolia tree is still blooming after so many years . This Old Window Frame in this house a few weeks and it waa so historic and our great outing.

Flam – Our Jump Off Point

This is our stopping point as we sail through the Fjords. This Tiny Village and 300 residents. Tourists stop here and they are shopping here. Many people here are buying at the shops and craft stores. We poked around in the shop and found a great wool cap for us Perfect Norwegian souvenir. The restaurants […]

Bergen – Go Fjords Tour

September 2019…..Norway -Our ticket says 8:00AM. Good thing we arrive 20 minutes before departure.. We depart at 8:AM. Saw a few people running to catch the boat. We went on this ship and saw this Fjord Tour. I wanted to see these Northern Lights but I couldn’t see these So pleased we didn’t miss this […]

Bergen Day 2

Bergen has so many historic places to visit. Bergenhus Castle, built in the 1700’s is located near Bergen harbor. It was such Free visit. The main building in Norway’s first castle, built between 1247 and 1261 by King Håkon Håkonsson Interesting walk around the Fortress. We notice the spectacular views of the harbor. Unable to […]

Bergen – Norway

Always exciting to travel to a country where we have never been. This is now our 108th Country where we have traveled. Before heading through Security at the Charles de Gaulle Airport France, we were selected to have our carry on luggage weighed. Pat’s was over by 3KG, mine under by 4 KG. Cleared to […]

So Many Animals All Over Africa

This Lion is staring at me and he looks like he is smiling. These Hippos are swimming in the Water. They walk underwater and enjoy resting in cool water and can let themselves float or sink by controlling their breathing and body position Mr. Rhino said “Can I get in your jeep?” This rhino was […]