Circle of Life – —

Our whole world’s a circle, sunrise and sundown The moon rolls through the night time, till our life comes back around It seems like we’ve been here before, not quite sure when But I got this funny feelin’, we’ll be back to norm again No straight lines make up our lives and all the roads […]

Monreale Cathedral – Sicily

We waited over an hour in the freezing cold for the bus to Cathedral of Monreale. The bus runs every 75 minutes and the lineup was long. Locals told us watch our belongings as pickpockets frequent buses. During our ride didn’t see any pickpockets. Upon arrival we walk up the hill towards the Cathedral in […]

Sicilian Food– ricci di mare!

Travelling all over the world I can’t think there is food we didn’t enjoy. However, in Sicily the food here is rated high on our list. SEA URCHIN Waiting for our dinner, we noticed a huge plate of unusual shell fish being served at the next table. Asked our waiter, “What is that?”. She decided […]

100 Country Trek —Yeah!!!

I messed up my Blog Site Title when I changed over from the Business Plan to the Premium Plan. Responding to my fellow bloggers, my name came up as “Eastern Trekker”…. which had to be… 100 Country Trek. I thought the issue was because I am no longer on the Business Site. I was checking […]

Capuchin Catacombs

(2018) As gruesome a destination as this is, we wanted to see this with our own eyes. We walk through seedy area of Palermo. A bit nerve wracking but all went well. When we arrive at our destination, it was a bit confusing on where to enter. Eventually we see a small door which leads […]

Palermo Sicily – Sites to See

Our 4 hour ride train from Taormina to Palermo was a good decision. As we didn’t rent a car, we got a chance to see some of the surrounding in Sicily along the way. Fontana Pretoria Upon arrival we take a walk around the area and come upon Fontana Pretoria. A monumental fountain located in […]

Castelmola – Sicily

Switch Back Road A mountain fortress built during Norman times in the 1300’s as a defense to protect from the invaders. The scenic bus ride up the mountain, twisting on the switchback roads was built to handle the steep climb. Incredible sites and vistas along the way. Norman Walls The Norman walls are the last […]

Teatro Greco Romano, Sicily

(2018) Rebuilt in 300 BC on an ancient Greek structure dating back 200 BC. Sitting high above the coast with incredible scenic views over Taormina, Isola Bella and Mount Etna.. ..No doubt a photo is worth a thousand words. This is the second largest historic amphitheater in Sicily, with a diameter of 120 meters. It […]

Malta to Sicily (Taormina)

2018 – Bus X 2 and also TD 2 are direct buses from Sliema to the airport….6 Euros and 20 minutes later we arrive. Our 55 minute Flight to Catania, quick and smooth. Upon arrival our driver is there …perfect! An hour later we are at our hotel! Taormina Taormina, a hilltop town with narrow […]

Medina- Ancient Walled City

(2018) -Medina is named the “Silent City, because at one time it was the capital of Malta, but after the Great Siege it lost its role. The seat of government is located in Valletta for security. Medina is a beautiful walled city. For most part transportation is by foot and horse and carriage. The streets […]

Gigantia Temples- Gozo

2018 – We catch Bus 222 from Sliema for the ferry to Gozo, about an hour to arrive to the ferry. 460 Euro return. The Ferry crossing took 25 minutes. Fabulous views of the coast along the way. The Bus is there as soon as we dock. Our hour drive to the Temples gave us […]

Portugal- Booked to Go – Can't Go

Our flight to Portugal was due to leave this evening,,,,it’s been years since we have been to Portugal. We were looking forward to this trip. Impossible to travel! Devastated with the catastrophic COVID-19 we are dealing with. All we can do is stay safe, stay positive and live in the here and now. Visit to […]

Valletta – Malta

Malta, a first time visit. Now another we can add it to our Country Collection List. Our hotel is located in Sliema. The ferry to Valletta is located directly across the street from our hotel. Beautiful ride, beautiful scenery, beautiful photo moments.! Valletta Valletta is the main attraction in Malta. A walled city constructed in […]

Kourion Archaeological Site

A spectacular site which comprises many monuments dating back from the ancient times. We take a cab from our hotel and arrange for him to pick us up in 3 hours. He arrived on time …25 Euros return…Perfect!! The information center has a site map with a description of the area and the most important […]

Limassol Waterfront

The Promenade along the waterfront leads towards the dockside in the Old Town. Along the way it is a perfect place to see fishing boats, yachts and view of the ocean. Many restaurants in the Old Town and crowded with tourists hanging out waiting for food. We were disappointed waiting for over an hour…. had […]

Limassol Castle, Cyprus

The medieval Castle is situated in the old historic area of Limassol. This is where King Richard the Lionheart was married during the Crusades in 1191. Many replicas here dating back from the 3rd century…. weapons, Medieval pottery, tombs, crosses etc. The Castle was rebuilt in 1590 during the time of Ottoman rule. Its architecture […]

Larnaka – Cyprus

Larnaka is a bustling seafront tourist town …even in off season. Our most interesting and unusual site we see is this older lady walking along the waterfront with 4 birds on her shoulders and head. I am sure she has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. Church of Saint Lazarus Situated in the center of […]

Nicosia – Cyprus

Nicosia, divided between the Turks and the Greeks…last divided city in the EU. Arriving into Nicosia we notice a huge Turkish Flag made of stone on the mountainside facing the Greek side. Hummm!! Presidential Palace Our first stop was at the Palace of the Emperor of Cyprus, who was once the Archbishop. This is where […]

AIRbnb _ Rated 10/10

With COVID- 19 nightmare it throws all travelers in a panic. We are booked to head to Portugal in a week. As is our norm, we never buy travel insurance….with all our travels, we do the math, and it seems more cost efficient than paying extra dollars for insurance for hotels and flights. Now, we […]

Viva Air – My Rating 10/10

Looking at the reviews online before we boarded…. the ratings threw me off. Tripadvisor rated 2/5. SKYTRAX rated 1/10. We have flown all over the world, pack minimally and rarely check a bag. With this economy flight bags must be checked ….we had to break our rule, checked our bags in advance. Helpful and friendly […]

Colombia – Hotel Reviews

Cartagena – Hotel Boutique las Carretas This hotel was a perfect pick for us. Located within the main gates of the walled city. The historic design of our room with comfy beds and a balcony with a table and chairs overlooked the old city. Perfect place to relax and enjoy the view below. Staff were […]

Monserrate – Bogota

We booked a 7 hour bus tour through Viatour for $290.00. Outside our hotel there is a cab waiting with a driver who doesn’t speak English. That threw us in a flurry. Eventually our guide arrives. We realize it is just the two of us on tour. Humm? We are told it is too congested […]

Plaza de la Aduana Cartagena, Colombia

This is the square where Royal Customs inspected goods upon arrival. The largest and oldest square in Old Town. Christopher Columbus Located in the center is the statue of Christopher Columbus. In 1502 Christopher Columbus explored the coast of what is now Panama. This country is named Colombia in his honor. Not a history buff, […]

Walled City Cartagena ….Colombia

Many interesting and well preserved historic sites to see within the Walled City of Cartagena. Easy to maneuver around the narrow street….all within walking distance. Pedro de Heredia First historic statue we come upon is Pedro de Heredia (1505-1554) a Spanish conquestador and founder of Cartagena. Plaza de Los Coches Plaza de Los Coches, an […]

Castillo de San Felipe Cartagena Colombia

Google Maps guided us in the right direction…2.4 KM from our location within the Walled City. Interesting street art in Getsemani neighborhood. Crossing the bridge gave a great view of the water. Sad to see locals with children living in poverty along the banks of the river. We decided to without a guide. $10.00 each […]

Cartagena – Colombia- Country Collection 110 …

Yeah !! Another Country added to my Collection. This a really cool area to visit. We stayed within the Walled City, a perfect choice. Love the narrow brick roads, horses pulling carriages, lovely restaurants and sites to see. The street musicians are the show stopper. This evening we went out to a unique restaurant around […]


interesting way to view wild life in Costa Rica from the water. The cruise along the water is about 6 km from Nicaragua. Now that is a country I have never been ….otherwise feet on the ground I could have added to my Country Collection. There are many species of birds, including cormorants, Ibis…my favourite […]


AVIANCA rates high on my list of airlines. I was impressed with my flight from Toronto to San Jose. Friendly and helpful staff, good legroom in the economy section, comfortable seats and food service. ….and movies. The reviews on Skytrax rate AVIANCA 5 /10.. with only 357 reviews, On Trip Advisor, the rating is 4/5 […]

Where the Travel Bug Bit

COSTA RICA – 2004 our first visit. An amazing introduction to this  mystical country and the world of travel. Day trips are easy from Jaco. Manuel Antonio. It was here, on a hike around the park I was badly bitten. It wasn’t life threatening but definitely life altering. That’s what “travel bugs” can do. Expecting to […]

El Avion – Costa Rica

C 123 plane, which is now a restaurant, was part of the CIA Nicaraguan -Iran , Contra affair. Shot down down in 1986 over Nicaragua, with an American crew on board. Check out the movie American Made with Tom Cruise. Pat and I each sat in the cockpit, he the pilot …me the co-pilot. The […]

Costa Rica – Cloud Forest

Hiking around in the Cloud Forest in Monteverde there are so many interesting things to see. Don’t get me wrong …seeing the clouds hovering below tree level is a highlight, for sure. Strangler Fig What got my attention was a unusual tree…so tall …couldn’t see the top. Learned later it is a Strangler Fig Tree. […]

Gold Museum – Bogota

Invisible Man- Bogota, Colombia The Gold Museum is a place not to miss when visiting Bogota. Free admission on Sunday. One of a kind collection of Gold Smith pieces. It began in 1939 and is a highlight for many tourists. Below are some of my favorite exhibits.

Resplendent Quetzals

Highlight of Monteverde Is??? Resplendent Quetzal … we see both male and female. Well known for their colorful plumage. Their pigment is created by melanin which causes tanning in humans. Known as the National bird of Guatemala, the Quetzals are more numerous in Costa Rica due to the large forestation. Up Close and Personal So […]


SKY BRIDGE – 5   Started at Bridge 5. Didn’t realize it is the longest and highest bridge. 200 feet above sea level. A challenge for me with my paranoia of height. However …the view of the treetops forest from the bridge is incredible and worth the height.   COATI MUNDI On Bridge 3 we […]