Forbidden City – Beijing

It’s been years since we have been here and we are awestruck to see this site again. The Forbidden City began in the 1500’s and is now called the Imperial Palace Museum. This is the largest ancient Chinese architecture still standing. Over hundreds of years there were 24 Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. […]

China- In and Out( TWOV)

Here is my story of crossing through Beijing, China with our Transit Without a Visa (TWOV). We were permitted to stay for 144 hours and not permitted to return without a Visa, I was bit nervous and jetted lagged with our 23 hour journey. Upon arrival we had to use an automated finger print scanner, […]

Hurricane Teddy remains on track for Atlantic Canada, expected as tropical storm

We are stocking up on supplies…water, candles, batteries, food, etc. etc. Hurricane Teddy remains on track to pass through wide areas of Atlantic Canada on Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing fierce winds and heavy rainfall. The Canadian Hurricane Centre says Teddy is currently a Category 3 system moving about 1,000 kilometres southeast of Bermuda with maximum sustained […]

Autumn Leaves

This is my response to Eugi’s Weekly Prompt “Autumn Leaves” September 14, 2020 When Autumn Days get dark We see more stars at night The variety of colorful leaves Gives us a much brighter light

Ranthambore Fort – India

We were too ambitious booking 6 safaris. So, we decide to forgo this morning safari and take a trip with our driver Happy to see this ancient historical site. An impressive fort that towers above the area. Steep climb to various levels where it is situated atop a 700-foot-high hill, bounded by an enormous stone […]

Layover Tour – Seoul Incheon Airport

2012 -We took a five hour flight with Korean Air from Saigon to Seoul, South Korea. We were pleased that Seoul was offering a free transit tour to passengers with a long layover. What a fabulous idea. They also offered coats if needed, as it was quite chilly .Even though it was a cold and […]

Bali – Day 3

Goa Gajah, known as the Elephant Cave Temple is located on the Island of Bali, a highlight of our Day Trip. We learned it dates as far back as the 11th century. Built on a hillside where two streams met to form a river junction, the site was deemed sacred and the temple was built […]

Kintamani Volcano – Bali

The views of Kintamani highlands are difficult to describe through words. I was dumb struck by seeing the natural beauty of this place. It was a cold evening breeze that played on my body and stayed on my mind. This is a must-visit.  Kintamani Volcano is an active volcanic masterpiece. This Volcano is surrounded by […]

Artistic Villages – Bali

Celuk Village Celuk is known for it’s Gold and Silver Crafts. For years it is where craftsmen made silver bowls for religious ceremonies called “bokoran” The jewelry designs are unique and it is here that I purchased a set of pearl earrings with a beautiful intricate design for only $28.00. Mas Village  Mas Village is […]

Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

We were thrilled with the prospect of getting close to the Macaques in the Monkey Forest. I purchased some bananas from a woman at the entrance. Immediately we are surrounded by a tribe of monkeys. I shoved the bunch in my backpack, thinking I could pass them out one by one. The babies started to […]

Beautiful Bali

A busy world renowned tourist place but still retains its original character. Steeped in tradition, Bali has much to show and tell. Stories of predictions by paranormal’s and reincarnations are everyday tales given to us by various cab drivers. Beautiful Bali Bali’s beauty lies not only in its unique and colorful culture and also in […]

On our way to Bali

2013 – We fly with Malaysian Air to Bali from Sandakan. There was a cloud of volcanic ash from Java hanging over Bali. An eerie sensation flying through the thick gray mass of volcanic dust. Most flights were cancelled and we were one of the few arriving. We were relieved to break through the blackness […]

Sandakan Memorial Site

An empty and quiet site when we visited. Not part of our travel plan but we had to come to pay respect for lives lost. There are plaques explaining the horrors that once unfolded here. We stood by a shaded hillside which was the POW Camp for the British and Australian soldiers of WWII. We […]

Baby Orangutan – Sepilok

Our last visit to the rehabilitation center. It is still raining harder than ever…we wondered if the feeding area would be closed. The feeding area is open with only a couple of other visitors. We were delighted to see a Mama Orangutan and her baby. A couple of large Orangutans arrive and once they eat […]

Waglers Pit Viper – Borneo

In the afternoon we decide to return to Sepilok . Along the way as we hike through the torrential rain and spot a Waglers Pit Viper. YIKES!!! The snake was so well camouflaged that we were lucky to spot him. He was wrapped around a branch at eye level. We learned later these are extremely […]

Proboscis Monkeys- Borneo

Proboscis monkeys called bekantan in Indonesia, and often referred to as long-nosed monkeys . They are endemic to the jungles of Borneo. We were fortunate to have a chance to see them at the Labuk Bay Reserve. They are always on the move and difficult to get a good photo of them. We had a […]

Orangutans – Sandakan

We waited quite awhile trying to spot orangutans. Finally the “Stars” show up, but only two. We were hoping to see more but with wild animals you never know when or if they arrive. Orangutans are one of the most endangered of Malaysian wild life species. Found only in Borneo and Sumatra, the Orangutan survival […]

Long Tail Macaw Monkeys- Borneo

Sepilok Otangutan Rehabilition Center is next door to our lodge. We take a short hike along a raised wooden walkway to see the orangutans. The playful and entertaining Long Tail Macaw monkeys great us at the feeding platform. There were at least 50 of them swinging about and I must say they put on quite […]

Beauty and bother in Banff National Park

Banff is an amazing place to visit. After our arrival in Calgary early in July, 2017, and after sightseeing in that area with friends, described in my previous post, we continued on our journey westwards. I’d been looking forward to our entry into Banff National Park, last visited with our kids during a road trip […]