City of Intramuros – Philippines

Looking back at our stay in Manila, Intramuros would have been our choice. Historic, interesting and safe. The only negative part, is the distance and time to get to the airport with heavy traffic.

Intramuros dates back to the 1500’s when the Spanish arrived and kicked out the Muslim’s. At the top of the historic stone gate there is a carving of St.James on his horse crushing the Muslims.

At the mouth of the Pasig River, Fort Santiago is a show stopper site. For centuries Fort Santiago gained a fearsome reputation among the Filipinos. This is where the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal was imprisoned before his execution. In memory of his torturous death there are brass footprints leading  from his Statue to his Execution site.

Many amazing historic structures, stone statues and ancient walls. With years of neglect and poverty, now it is slowly coming back to life. When in Manila make sure not to miss this place.


  1. Manila is such an exciting place to visit. Unfortunately, I had only enough time to visit the city, but it was quite enough to get a flavor for the people and their history.


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