Hello Manila – Goodbye Singapore

Singapore to Manila. Another place I can add to my Country Collection list. $20.00 and fifteen minutes later we arrive at the airport. That’s the bonus of an early morning  flight. Otherwise we would have been stuck in the crazy traffic.

Border service, fast and easy. Once again my finger prints via the automated machine didn’t take. The agent was helpful and took my finger prints in the old way.. cleared to enter.

person pulling travel luggage
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Our travel rule is…do not check luggage. Not worth taking the risk of loosing our bags.  Unfortunately due to weight restrictions we decided to prepay for our luggage. Worrisome and frustrating. When we approached the counter we notice no luggage being weighed. Kept our luggage with us. Cleared to go.

Our flight with Cebu Airline was on time. Cebu has some bad reviews. For us we were pleased with the airline .Comfortable, clean and  $1.00 for a cup of tea. As we descend I get a good look at the area below. A huge fish farm below and small house boats along the coast.

city sky skyline buildings
Photo by Nikko Tan on Pexels.com

Entering the airport it looks like we are either in Guatemala or Mexico. Nothing like Asia. Didn’t check the history of the Philippines. Later we learned the Philippines has a huge population that originated from Spain, As did Guatemala and Mexico. Who would know!

Sticking to our rule. Entry Form completed before arrival. The Border  Control agent takes our form. Welcome to the Philippines!

Outside the airport our Hotel driver Joshua is there waiting for us. Surprised how crammed it is with people and vehicles. Joshua took a half hour to maneuver through the mob to pick us up,

12D5147F-855F-4779-B251-A41F47540EEFCity Garden Hotel Makati

Perfect location, near the Makati City Mall. Walking distance to the Greenbelt. Our room is older than expected. Comfortable, spacious and well maintained. Great value.

We looked into the 8 hour tour of the city not what we were expecting. Instead we book our taxi driver Joshua to take us around the city tomorrow.

There is an outdoor rooftop Mexican Restaurant at our hotel. The view here of the area is wonderful. Perfect place for a drink.



  1. Unless it’s for a long-haul kind of trip (i.e. many months or years), checked luggage can be avoided if one packs wisely. I’ve done my fair share of packing lightly for three-week to one-month getaways, so it’s possible! The Philippines look grand, and I hope you had a fun time!

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