Botanical Gardens – Singapore

Time for a break….walked 22000 steps in the last couple of days. Finally familiar with the Metro…easy ride to the Botanical Gardens.

As a garden fanatic, this is a highlight of my trip. These gardens date back to the 1800’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Top on my list, the Orchid Gardens…largest collection in the world. That’s a definite Wow! Along the way there tons of spectacular gardens…variety of trees, shrubs , perennials. I have never seen such a huge collection unusual varieties of Bamboo.

Rainforest Gardens


Before reaching the Orchid Garden we are now in the Rain Forest, actually older than Singapore. A 6-hectare tropical forest. We take a short stroll seeing many butterflies, birds, and unusual vegetation once covering most of Singapore. To save our energy for the Orchid Garden, we turn around and head back.

Hymenaeaea Courbaril

Towering over 40 meters high it is commonly known as West Indian Locust. The heavy seed pods are protected here from falling and injuring visitors. Hard to get a photo due to its height.

National Orchid Garden


I wondered if the National Orchid Garden would be as spectacular as was advertised. Another WOW! 1000 astounding varieties on display. I have seen so many wild orchids in the world but these win hands down. Colors, arrangements, designs…impossible to stop taking photos. Our choice location to view some of the rarest varieties are at Tan Siang Mist House. Roamed around for over an hour. Had it not been so brutally hot, I would still be there .LOL!!

Starving! Decide to have lunch here. I had a chicken sandwich and Pat a burger. $58.00. That’s Singapore!


  1. Thank you for the ‘follow’! I see you have visited the ‘Singapore Botanical Garden’ and it awakens memories in my mind!
    I’ve been to that garden several times, however, back in the years 1958/59/60. I guess it’s pretty much chaged today compared to those days?


    1. It is an amazing Garden …so historic. I am a garden addict. Heading to Norway in a few weeks. First time .hope to see the Northern Lights while on our 12 hour fiord cruise.


  2. I feel like I just went on a tour of a world famous garden and I am not even a gardener. Wow! You make it sound like a “must-do”!


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