Manila – Day One – what to see and do

Heading out this morning with our driver Joshua. Brutal bumper to bumper traffic. The highlight is seeing a real view of Manila. Jammed with people, bikes, trucks, buses and jeepneys.



We realized Jeepneys were USA military jeeps used during the Second World War. The idea is the the name Jeepney came from the words Jeep and Knee. People are jammed in with knees squashed together. Hum! Makes sense.


The saddest view is seeing two little homeless girls, sitting in the back of a Jeepney. Joshua said they would have refused to live in an orphanage and would rather live on the streets. As horrible as it seemed they looked happy. Smiling and playing together, jumping from Jeep to Jeep.

Rizal Park


Rizal Park formerly known as Bagumbayan during the era of Spaniard colonialism. The park is in tribute to the execution of Filipino patriot Jose Rizal. The Execution started the battle. In 1896 The Philippine Revolution began against the Kingdom of Spain.

Today his remains are enshrined in the monument in the Park. The monument is guarded by sentries and on one side there is a 46m flagpole. A massive park, 60 hectares with gardens, paths and many monuments. Loved our perfect and peaceful stroll.

Cathedral of Manila


Located in Plaza Roma Intramuros. Originally built during the 1500’s the Cathedral was first destroyed by a fire and later destroyed several more times by earthquakes and lastly bombed in 1945 during  the Second World War. In the 1950’s it was rebuilt. A  simple interior design and beautiful and historic on the outside.

Many poor and disabled people outside the church. We bought a few souvenirs from them as a donation.  Manila has many locals, destitute and working hard to survive.


  1. It’s very inventive (and resourceful) for the locals to recycle old military jeeps as public transport! Really goes to show just how different various countries are, all the while being the same…thanks for transporting us through a whirlwind of your first day in Manila, and I hope to see more from you soon!


  2. too late. next time you’re in my neck of the woods, just holler. maybe i can give you some tips on the places to see, the food to eat, the things to buy. hope you enjoyed.


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