Singapore – Gardens by The Bay

Gardens By The Bay, high on my list, as I am a garden addict. The Metro is an easy and fast way to get here. Gorgeous gardens filled with a variety of palms, flowering shrubs, air plants etc. The ponds are are surrounded by sculptures and works of art. The trail through the gardens leads to the ticket office.

Our plan is to see the light show from the Sky Bridge. The ticket for the Sky Bridge says enter at 7:00 PM. Oh well no time to have dinner. At least we are able to grab some chips from the food truck to tide us over.

The elevator takes us up to the Sky Bridge. Amazing view of the area below. Huge towers  designed as trees and the Singapore waterfront surrounded by many artistic buildings. As it gets a bit darker the trees gradually illuminate. I am thinking, let’s hang back and wait for the Light Show. Not a chance! We are hustled off the bridge to make room for the next crowd. Didn’t realize we can only stay 15 minutes on the bridge.

8:00 PM, the Light Show begins. The music and lights are surreal….Hummm feels like we are in Disney Land. The Light Show is fantastic. Music and dancing lights. Wow!

When show ends we are in total darkness. Hard to read the signs. The staff directed us away from footbridge with a sign pointing towards the Metro. Huge regret! The path she sent us on, led us and hundreds of others around a circle. Took an hour and half to get to the Metro. Had we followed the sign to the Metro we would have arrived at the train in 15 minutes. Oh well that’s what travel is!


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