India – Singapore’s Version

From the Malay Heritage Center we make our way to Little India. Not far ……but…. in this grueling heat it feels like we are walking miles.

If you have never been to India, Singapore’s version is a good start. As soon as we cross onto Dunlop St, we are surrounded by a mob of men making their way back from prayer time located at Abdul Ghafoor Mosque. An amazing mosque built in 1907 to replace an old wooden Mosque. Ornate motifs on the exterior walls. The sundial at the entrance is decorated with Arabic calligraphy, denoting the names of 25 prophets.

Little India is the center for a massive Indian community. Actually feels like we are in New Delhi. Streets are jammed with locals. Colorful shops selling spices, jewelry, saris and fabulous carpets.  Many tiny restaurants along the narrow streets with fabulous Indian Food.

The landmark Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple located on Sarangoon Road, is astounding. Statues of Hindu deities surround the walls. Perfect rest place for us to escape the heat.

From Little India we take the Metro back to our hotel. No way we could walk back in this heat. First time on the Metro. Easy to use. The cleanest Line we have ever been on. That’s Singapore!!


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