Galapagos Islands – Our Adventure Begins

Day 1 -San Cristobal

We traveled on a 7-night cruise. It is impossible to tell all. But here is a diary of our adventure.

 On the morning of departure, an agent from Ecoventure met us at the airport in Quito for our flight to San Cristobal. We all had a badge for the various boats we would be on and by the time we landed we already knew a few of our future ship mates.

Our adventure was on the 20-passenger ship called the Letty for a 7-night cruise. We booked the trip directly with Ecoventura which is the company that owns the Letty. It was less expensive than booking with an outside agent.

We were quite pleased with the Letty. The food was very good and lots of it. A nice friendly crew and everyday the chef met us when we returned and handed out a snack. The boat itself is rated as a Superior first-class 20-passenger motor-yacht custom-designed for Galapagos excursions.

A Captain, eight dedicated crewmembers, and two experienced English-speaking naturalist guides attend to the details of your Galapagos cruise. Each naturalist takes a group of no more than 10 passengers on all shore excursions and shares extensive insights into the Islands ‘ diverse wildlife. Small boats, locally called pangas, ferry passengers to shore for island visits

 The first day we set out from San Cristobal and away into the sunset. It was fun getting settled in our cabin and meeting the crew and our shipmates.

That evening the bar was open and we all gathered on the top deck to view an absolutely fabulous sunset and Kicker Rock!!


      1. I flew into Baltra Island and stayed on Santa Cruz Island. One day I was on a boat excursion that included Plazas Island & another island that I don’t remember the name of it (but it had a beautiful white sandy beach and the water was so clear you could see the small beach near the shoreline).


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