Genovesa Island – Galapagos

 Day 2 Galapagos — Dry Landing Genovesa ( Tower)

This morning we take the panga to shore and dock. We don’t get in the water. The island is named after the Italian city of Genoa, in honor of Christopher Columbus. We landed at Prince Philips Steps. It is a steep rock staircase that we climb to take the trail to the nesting ground of Red Footed Boobies and lots of other birds.

 Our group of ten followed the guide and clicked pictures like mad when we spotted our first Red Footed Boobie and Frigate birds up close. I expected them to fly away so I took pictures from the distance. I just couldn’t believe how they innocently stayed close and watched us. Just as curious about us as we about them!!

Red Footed Boobie
Frigate Bird

The island itself is a rugged rocky place. To me it seemed like it is from the beginning of time. When in actual fact it’s quite new, as islands go, having been formed by a volcano.


  1. I agree with you it is fascinating to see the animals so closely without fear or aggression. Indeed it is like going back to the beginning of time when everything was peace and harmony, at least we can dream of it.


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