The Great Wall of China

The Badaling section of the Great Wall is located in Yanqing county, Beijing. This section has the highest point of the Great Wall. 800 meters above sea level . We are here in January and it is freezing cold but the good part, it is not jam packed.

We take the funicular to the top . The views of the wall from here are unbelievable. We climb a steep set of steps on the left to see one side. Next we head in the opposite direction and climb the steps and see the other side. We can see the wall stretch all the way over and around the mountains. 

We spend about two hours here. This is a site will never will never be forgotten.



  1. Love your take on the Great Wall of China! It’s a touristy spot, but there’s a good reason why it’s so popular, as its miles of fortification is truly a man-made masterpiece in history. Thanks for sharing your adventures there!


  2. These are beautiful pictures. I can relate to the freezing cold, I visited the Wall on a windy February day, at least you get some sun, which was not my case and yet it remains a great memory for me too. Thanks for sharing.


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