Beijing – Ming Tombs

Ling’en Hall of Changling Tomb

This is the start of our first day in Beijing. As we are jetlagged, good idea to have breakfast in our room, Thanks to Starbucks as they are right next to our hotel. Our guide with “Tour Beijing” arrived at 7:00 AM. We are in a mini bus with only six other travelers. It took an hour to maneuver around the city. However it gives us a chance to see some great sites, such as, the Birds Nest Pavilion from the 2008 Olympics, Bell Tower and the Hutong area.

Our first stop is at the Ming Tombs. There are 13 tombs, dating back over 500 years. The tombs are spread out all over the area. We stop at the tomb of Zhou Di Emperor Yongle ( 1360-1424 A.D). The original crowns and robes are on display and an amazing monument to the Emperor. The Temple is well preserved and very ornate.

Zhou Di Emperor Yongle
Shengong Shengde Stele Pavilion at the beginning of the sacred walk leading to the tombs


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