China- In and Out( TWOV)

Here is my story of crossing through Beijing, China with our Transit Without a Visa (TWOV). We were permitted to stay for 144 hours and not permitted to return without a Visa, I was bit nervous and jetted lagged with our 23 hour journey.

Upon arrival we had to use an automated finger print scanner, My crooked finger kept getting rejected. So we had to move on to the TWOV Line. I was very nervous that I might not be permitted to enter.

The agent look very stern as agents usually do. I had all the documents including our hotel reservation and our onward ticket…except the Finger Print thing, I told him that my finger print didn’t take. He pointed to the little round camera and I stuck my thumb in front of the camera. I cracked him up and the guy in the next line laughed his head off. Obviously it was my face I should have stuck there…Jet Lag ….LOL. He helped me scan my fingerprints. GOOD TO GO!!!


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