China Without Visa

This trip to China was for only three days . I made sure we qualified for the Transfer without visa …known as TWOV. At the check in counter with United in Halifax, the agent didn’t even look at our onward flight.

Just before boarding in Newark for our flight to Beijing, an announcement was made. Our names were called to check our documents. Our name hadn’t been added to the manifest. If I didn’t have the our onward ticket to Thailand, we would have been denied to board. Phew! Good to go!

Finger Print – Reject

Three movies and 14 hours later we are in Beijing. The airport is huge and well laid out. There is an automated finger print machine as we enter the boarder security area. For some reason my finger prints kept getting rejected,

Clearance of Foreigners

Now off we go to the line “The Clearance of Foreigners”. There were only a few in the line . I was nervous with my fingerprints not being taken and I was jet lagged . This is the funny part. The attendant asked for all our documents including our onward flight. I passed over all the documents and explained that my fingerprints weren’t taken . He was pretty stern and pointed to a small round camera devise. I stuck my thumb in front of the camera. Honestly he couldn’t control his laughter. We were cleared to enter!!


  1. That was a close call at the airport, both at Newark and Beijing! I used to work for customs that had the fingerprint machines, so your story about sticking your thumb out for a photo made me smile. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures in China!


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