Problem with Departing India

Expected any easy exit out of New Delhi on our way to Sri Lanka. I thought we would be cleared to go as we have a multiple entry Visa, endorsed by India High Commission in Canada. Pat was ahead of me in a different line and cleared to go. Unfortunately I was not cleared to go. They said we had to register in Delhi within 14 days. Unknown to me. Considering we were within the 14 day period the officer wouldn’t allow me to pass through. He shouted at Pat to return. He demanded we stay behind until the office opens the next day. We would loose a lot of money with nonrefundable hotel and airline tickets to Sri Lanka. Our discussion with several other officers permitted us exit to the connections area. We could not return to India and not permitted to enter on our return from Sri Lanka for our connecting flight.

A harrowing experience. We must figure out a way to bypass Delhi to catch our international flight out of Sri Lanka and back to Canada.

Sri Lanka


  1. As soon as we were exiting we were told we had to go to the office in New Delhi to have our passport stamped. Had no info on arrival or passport control in Canada. We had a multi entry Visa..


  2. Strange: did you ever find out the reason? Still, India is a great travel destination. I sometimes felt that I was on a movie set with so many different people, languages, sounds, scents, etc.


  3. This sounds so familiar! We had the same problem getting to our connecting flight to Kathmandu in Delhi. They wouldn’t let me through with my transit visa, while Tony got a 49 year visa stamped in his passport lol. There was a lot of arguing and fighting and shouting, until one of the junior clerks got fed up and stamped my passport and allowed me through. I would think that these things improved after so many year, but apparently not. Can’t wait to read about the rest of your travels!


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