Durbur Square Market -Kathmandu

As soon as we arrive we see the small market with items spread out on the cold dusty ground. The goods here include amazing items like metal locks made like tigers and elephants. We bought a tiny tiger lock. Also a variey of jewelry. The jewelry was made of what looked like a mixture of silver , metal and maybe brass. I bought a gorgeous beaded turquoise and pendant. The many carvings and brass items were too heavy for us to lug home. Now a dog fight broke out so we thought its time to wrap it up. By now its 5:30 and getting pretty cold .

Rickshaw Ride

A great way to to look at the surroundings as he peddled through the streets. He pointed out various buildings along the way. As it became darker we notice we are battling heavy traffic and fumes and we are being hauled aggressively around trucks, cars and buses. Eventually we realize the driver is lost. We double back and find our hotel . We can eat here. Yeah!! We gave him a big tip . He was pleased and so were we.


  1. Cool photos. Thank you for today’s travel inspiration. I wanted to visit Nepal in 2018 but the plans changed somehow and ended up in India. I still want to see Nepal though. Maybe post-pandemic.


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