Arrival – Kathmandu-Nepal

We catch a cab from the airport to take us into Nepal. Surprised we are in a beat up 1972 car and hoping we make into town. During our 30 minute ride we get our first glimpse of Nepal. Narrow streets with tons of people, street food and shops. The traffic was crazy and chaotic.

Kantipur Temple Hotel

Our hotel is located in the heart of Kathmandu. Upon arrival we had a nice greeting and a quick check-in. Overall the decor of the room is really beautiful. We learned it is an eco friendly hotel committed to conservation and provided with drinking water without plastic bottles. To help save the environment. With no central heating, hot water bottles were neatly tucked every evening in our beds. To our surprise we were told power will be out 14 hours each day. That explains why it was so cold when we enterd our room.

Thamel House Restuarant

The food here at our hotel restaurant was fabulous. The mo mo’s ( vegetable dumplings) were delicious. A first for us. We made sure we sat as close to the heater as possible. Even with that we had to keep on our jackets. During our meal there were young local girls performing a traditional dance.


  1. Kathmandu looks overwhelming, but beautiful. I LOVE momos…I’d go to Nepal just for that! Can’t wait to read more adventures of Nepal from you.


  2. Wow! Some things really didn’t change, but the accommodation and eating establishments seem more upscale. Mind you we were poor backpackers when we were there so I’m sure nicer places existed when we were there! But the electrical situation…so surprising that it’s still the case!


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