New Delhi to Kathmandu

2013 – News has it, Air India is in trouble. Their crew is off duty as they haven’t been paid in months. With a potential of delay we head to the airport to try and make it to Nepal. Upon arrival I catch a look at the pilots and maybe I am getting older but to me they look like young school boys. Anyway we are in the air with only a short 20 minute delay.

I have a window seat on the left side. If the sky is clear we shall get some photos. We are cruising through the foothills of the mountains and rise quickly at an alarming rate. A few big thuds and bumps ….Yeah!!! we are on the ground.


Our plan is to get our Visa upon arrival. Lucky it is a small airport with immigration consisting of two confusing lines..the signs above say Visa Upon Arrival. We chose the correct line where you pay the $25.00 Visa Fee. But…we were sent back to pick up a second form ..we found one at a counter but needed a second one. Then back again to Line #1 where we finally able to pay our $25.00 fee.Next we proceed to the second line to apply for our Visa. People are criss crossing back and forth between the lines, as did we. Welcome to Kathmandu!!


  1. The views of the snow-capped mountains are sublime. I have plans for an India-Nepal joint trip that I have no idea when it’ll come to fruition, but hopefully some day soon! Can’t wait to read more of your travels from there. 🙂

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