Cardiff Castle Wales

Our first day in Wales and decide to explore our surroundings.  Cardiff Castle is located in the city center of town. An excellent pedestrian walkway, which starts right outside the front of our hotel. The walkway is full of shops and restaurants. At the end of the walkway…. Cardiff Castle. WOW most impressive as the grounds of the castle enclosure is a good 3 block square. Old Roman walls go back 2000 years.

This unique castle has it all: history over many centuries (from Roman times until WWII), Originally built by the Romans, rebuilt by the Normans, restored by a Scotsman and now owned by Welsh people. The archaeological ruins with well preserved living quarters are impressive.

WE climbed the steep steps to Castle Keep. We could have and should have spent two hours walking the walls. The outside view was more photogenic that the inside. A very enjoyable (and educational) visit!


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