Gion- Geisha District


We take a walking tour with our guide from Ukraine. We meet at the statue of Izumo no Okuni by the Kamogawa River.

In 1603 Okuni who was a Maiko, started a colorful dance troop. She was considered the founder of kabuki. Later, men took over the role as dancers. It was considered immoral for Maiko to continue this routine.

Geisha District

Gion is famous area where Geisha’s live. Young girls in training are known as Maiko. We see a couple Geisha out and about. Looks like a very dedicated life.

The neighborhood itself is a very interesting area. Many Tea Houses behind high wooden doors. Gardens everywhere with plum trees in blossoms and rhododendron beginning to open. The design with rock, wood carvings and Torii gates add much to the beauty.

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