Tokyo to Kyoto

This is an adventure for us. Our plan is when we arrive we will to catch the Bullet Train to Kyoto. Narita Airport is busy as expected. People we very helpful pointing us in the right direction to the JR Counter.

The attendant booked us our train seats to Kyoto. Now we realize we need to connect in Tokyo to catch the Bullet Train to Kyoto. She pointed us in the right direction to get to the fast train. We almost jumped on the wrong train. Luckily Pat asked the conductor…is this the train we should get on. He said “Nope. Next One.”A fellow traveler was so helpful and told us when to get off.

Shinagawa Station

What a madhouse!!! So many tracks and jammed with people! Thankfully a lady walked us in the right direction! We barely made it to the Bullet Train.

Bullet Train

The train is comfortable and spotless clean. A chance for a much needed break. Were amazed to see Mount Fuji from the train.



  1. The bullet trains in Japan are wonderful. I used them a few times while travelling around Japan: they are fast, surprisingly quiet, and clean. I am insanely envious that you were able to see Mount Fuji so clearly from the train. We travelled from Tokyo to Kyoto at night so obviously weren’t able to see much of the landscape.


  2. Oh, the confusion at the Tokyo train station. Brings back memories.😄 That’s a beautiful, clear shot of Fuji-san. Lovely. As is Kyoto. Looking forward to your articles from there.


  3. It’s a good memory that your post reminds me of, both the Shinkansen and the spontaneous courtesy of the Japanese to help find the way. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. So amazing you can see Mt. Fuji on the train ride over! Unfortunately, it was overcast when I tried to see the famous mountain, and you’re really lucky you got to see it. Bullet trains in Japan are incredible, and it’s perfectly paired with a nice, bento lunch. Happy travels!


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