Cactus -Arizona

I saw these Cactus in Arizona. So many all over on these slopes. They reach about 10 feet tall. They exceed 150 years. We saw these in USA, Sri Lanca and South Africa .

The body and armlike branches are pleated and ridged, with hard spines and bristles.


  1. Don’t buy these! I have one that was teeny tiny 17 years ago and it is now about 8 foot tall in my conservatory. I stopped watering it over a year ago and it is still thriving. It is like Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors.

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  2. Cacti are the symbol of the Southwest US. It was last in Arizona in 2021, and it was a beautiful sight. I had no idea that there were cacti in other parts of the world!

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  3. Cacti are big and beautiful, but they are prickly, so you have to watch them from a distance. I wonder if they’re useful? Maybe the juice is medicinal?

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  4. I think they are fascinating. I saw them when visiting Arizona back in 2008. The whole of Arizona is fascinating. It was the top favourite state on my itinerary.


  5. Saguaros are iconic here in Arizona so we see lots of them, although not right where we live. They’re so important for the desert as a whole. They often serve as bird apartments and it’s fun to see a bird stick its head out.

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  6. I love these cacti! 🪴 My youngest brother who lives in Singapore has been visiting Arizona as part of his work assignment being an engineer. He posted several videos and photos of these on Facebook, last 12th of March. He captioned photos ” from Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park and Museum” He knew I love plants. The photos and videos were intended for me. (lol) 😆

    He visited the place during his off work. He had a great time mounting hiking too. He’s kind of sporty guy at mid fifties.😊

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  7. Those cacti are really beautiful and 150 years old….. WOW The cacti I have here are quite a bit smaller and not nearly as old. If I’m not mistaken, there are even birds that make a nest cavity in it.

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