Peggy’s Cove – Nova Scotia

The wooded trail is now redone. Zoe, Pat and I are walking around this Trail .We noticed this Sun behind these clouds

These Old Fish Sheds are on these rocks and the fishermen are using their gear in there.

These two Seagulls are posing on the Rock

Zoe and I are seeing this Lighthouse on these smooth Rocks. But can’t step on these wet rocks and we will be swept out to the ocean.

This baby deer is staring at me.


  1. I keep seeing gorgeous photos of Peggy’s Cove (none more so than from you), and it’s now on my bucket list worth of places to visit! One of these days, I’ll need to return to Canada to check it out!

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      1. We are in Ontario but my husband is from Cape Breton so we go there once in a while. Yes I remember reading about the people getting too close to the water on the rocks. The wooden walks are nice

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