Arusha Safari – Tanzania

2009 -This was a devastating time for the wildlife in this part of Africa. The drought destroyed so many animals, with no water or vegetation. We saw animals fading away and saw many animals dead. A difficult trip to remember.

Wildebeests are getting so thin and some are dying.

These elephants are hoping to eat in the evening to escape the heat.

  Spotted Hyena is laying the wet mud to save himself during this drought.

This lion is so sad on his own and trying to eat this dead wildebeest .


  1. Difficult photos to look at, but all the more important seeing how climate change is affecting Tanzania, let alone the entire world. Gives all the more reason to combat its adverse effects. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Quite shocking and sad, shame that the government does not provide water for the animals in large contains. Here, a farmer drives around a large estate with huge barrels of water and fills the containers on the ground. The cameras recorded many wild animals, including the birds, drinking, and washing. One night an owl had a bath. I know that we are talking about a huge space but the area could be divided into sections and have wardens responsible for each of them.


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