Exploring Our World

Serengeti, Africa – She looks happy looking for her hubby!

Galapagos Islands – Furry Seal in the Water

Costa Rica – The capuchin monkey family are so happy together. They are also called the White Faced Monkeys.

Giza, Egypt – This camel loves to carry passengers and ride through the desert to the base of the Great Pyramids.

India, Ranthambore National Park – Langur Monkeys with faces and she is feeding her baby .


    1. We have been to 107 countries in our world. I always want to visit a country where we haven’t been .Booked to go to Romania but not sure we should go . Next on our list is Israel . Thanks Marion . Happy Weekend

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      1. Lovely, Ve been to a lot of places too but neither Israel nor Romania. Both should be great and I believe that Transylvania is gorgeous! We’ve got three European trips booked but looking to go further again as two years is too long!

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