Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #173: Interesting Architecture

Burj KhalifaWe were so excited to reach the top and see 360-Degree View From the World’s Tallest Building. Over 2,716.5 feet and more than 160 stories.

So many incredible Mosques of we see all over India.

St. Peter’s Basilica- amazing architecture we see in Rome .

This week, Tina invites us architecture from our archives or from our recent travels. 


  1. WOW!!! (I find myself writing that a lot when I see your posts and pics!) What incredible pics! How do you with the height issue at 160 stories up? I’ve been in the Chicago Sears Tower and it did make me a bit woozy, but at the same time, I just marveled at the surrounding sights! All the best, ~ Chelle

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      1. Nope, sorry! Ascending the Stratosphere Tower here is scary enough. I sways which creeps me out completely! When my Ex and I were together, we went up there and she bolted for the elevator because of the sway. I followed…


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