Road Trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Seal Island Bridge

Driving over the bridge gives an amazing view of the waters below. Began in 1960, the Seal Island Bridge is located in Victoria County Nova Scotia. It is the third longest bridge span in this province. This an image we took from our boat last year .

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Alexander Graham Bell Museum

Alexander Graham Bell( 1847-1922) was a genius helping the world with his knowledge. The telephone was the beginning of his pursuit of invention. Both his wife and mother were deaf and invented sound technology to help them here. He launched the Bell Telephone Company in 1877.

Later in his life, Bell created aviation and hydrofoil inventions. He helped develop flying machines like the Silver Dart, and he created the world’s fastest hydrofoil at the time. This is a replica Silver Dart at the Museum.


  1. It’s amazing how inventive such people can be… and also brave. Those early people who flew those first planes are quite remarkable.


  2. That’s a very attractive bridge 🙂 And so interesting about Bell – I didn’t know he created flying machines etc., I thought he was only involved in the development of the telephone, which is achievement enough!


  3. How interesting to learn about Alexander Bell’s connection with AT&T. We’ve discovered many other things about him in The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh which you have perhaps also visited. Great post, Marion


  4. That’s a very attractive bridge design, especially from your boat. There is a small Bell museum in Port Huron, Michigan along the Saint Clair River across from Sarnia, Ontario.


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