Limassol Waterfront -Cyprus

The Good Part

The Promenade along the waterfront leads towards the dockside in the Old Town. It is a perfect place to see fishing boats, yachts and views of the ocean. We see sculptures by Greek Cypriots, and international art work along the waterfront.

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The Bad Part

Many restaurants in the Old Town and are crowded with tourists hanging out waiting for food. We were disappointed waiting for over an at least hour. Had to leave.

We walk back along the waterfront and found a take out Creperie, excellent pastries. Problem was as soon as I take a bite of my phyllo spinach pastry, my tooth filling gets sucked out. What a great deal $200.00 {dental bill!! }


  1. The only way we saw Limassol was through the window of a plane while we were sitting on the runway waiting for passengers to get on board (en route to Malta with Emirates in 2013) … next time we have to make a stopover here! And wow, what an expensive pastry you had there 😬.

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  2. I feel for you! I lost a big chunk of tooth while eating lunch at our lodge in Senegal and it meant a partly wasted day visiting a dentist and a lot of money on dental work when I got home!


  3. Limassol Waterfront sounds like a tourist trap, so it’s not a surprise that restaurants get crowded there. The place you stopped by for pastries, however, sounds lovely…although the tooth part certainly doesn’t! Hope you got that sorted.


  4. When I was in Limassol there was a cafe in the old town with about 20 kittens that attracted tourists. I always wondered what happened to the adult cats.
    And that Lebanese guy at the hotel, who came for business, but never answered what kind of business it was.


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