Lens-Artists Challenge #150 – Let’s Get Wild!

Lens Artists Challenge Thanks Dianne for this (RAMBLING RANGER)  — Let’s Get Wild!

Mr Lion in the Serengeti is trying to choose his lady. Which one will be his sweetheart. One is saying no and the other is saying maybe.

Table Mountain – South Africa. A flat-topped mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town. Flanked by Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head.

Sky Walk Hanging Bridge – Monteverde, Costa Rica. Yikes! Made me a bit dizzy .


  1. I love your lion photo, Anita. I’ve crossed a few hanging bridges in New Zealand, and they really intimidate me. I would have to work up my courage to cross that one!


  2. Wow, I wonder if the bridge would sway from side to side if you step on it. That will be really scary. It looks like it is not completely stationary. You are right. I think that’s exactly what the lion is thinking. LOL.


  3. Great photos, Anita, I would feel dizzy on that bridge too. I’ve heard of Table Mountian, saw photos from below but the view on top is beautiful. I like your description of the lion choosing his mate! Meow. 😻


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