Costa Rica – Cloud Forest

Hiking around in the Cloud Forest in Monteverde there are so many interesting things to see. Don’t get me wrong …seeing the clouds hovering below tree level is a highlight, for sure.

Strangler Fig

What got my attention was a unusual tree. It was so tall couldn’t see the top. Learned later it is a Strangler Fig Tree. A common name for many types of trees that start as an epiphyte growing on a host tree. Over time it will reach the light above.

Mickey Mouse Plant

Looks a bit like Mickey Mouse. That’s why people call it Mickey Mouse. It’s actual name is Solanum Mammosum. In Costa Rica the leaves are used daily as a remedy for diseases of the kidney and bladder.

Thorn Bug

As soon as I saw this I thought …….Hummm….that’s a strange looking bush. It is actually a row of bugs…Umbonia crassicornis…developed to camouflage themselves as thorns to be protected from being eaten by birds. ,


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