Resplendent Quetzals

The Highlight of Monteverde

Resplendent Quetzal … we see both male and female. Well known for their colorful plumage. Their pigment is created by melanin which causes tanning in humans. Known as the National bird of Guatemala. The Quetzals are more numerous in Costa Rica due to the large forestation.

Up Close and Personal

So excited that our guide was able to place my phone on the telescope lens. A fabulous close up view and great phone shots. Better shots than my 35 mm camera with its Zoom Lens.


      1. No adapter. Just stick your phone up to the eye piece of the binoculars. The photos aren’t great, but if you are out in the field without your camera and telephoto lens and you want to identify something in the distance, it is a good workaround. Apparently. According to my son. 🙂


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