Orange Howler Monkey – Costa Rica

Why are Howlers Turning Orange ?


Walking  through the Jungle in Caao Negro we hear HOWL HOWL ! We race around and to our amazement we see some Howler Monkeys in the trees with patches of orange, on their tails and legs. Very unusual!

Why Are they Orange?

There in a tree, on his own there is a huge Orange Howler. Our guide explains that scientists are studying these mutant monkeys. In mutant monkeys the melanin switches to pheomelanin producing yellow or orange tones. They have concluded the change in color is a result of high use of pesticides throughout Costa Rica. Pesticides are used to repel insects from crop exports….bananas, pineapples and Palm trees for palm oil.

With this change of color this animal is a target and easily spotted by Predators. Another disaster destroying wildlife.


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