Eco-Termales Hot Springs Arenal

La Fortuna – Hot Springs


This our typical way to explore….on our own. $44.00 each online, a lot less expensive if booked through a Tour Company. $4.00 each way with to Our Uber driver

Geothermal Pools

Upon arrival there were few in the water. Hurrah! Four Geothermal pools provide hyper-magnesia filled waters on the side of Arenal Volcano.

Temperatures in the pools  range from 32C to 41C. There are chill down pools to lower body temperature. We worked our way up to the hotter pools one at a time. Following the advice of our instructions we stayed 15 minutes, soaking one session at a time. To chill down we soaked a bit in the cool pools. The seating under the steaming waterfalls are a highlight.

Great Curassow

After our lunch break we strolled through the trails to work off our stuffed bellies. Two unusual birds were a show stopper. We learned later they are Great Curassow. Pheasant like bird from the Neo Tropical rainforests. The brown one is the female with the fancy face. The black one with the bright yellow beak is a male .


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