Hong Kong – Victoria Peak

Today we head to Victoria Peak. A quick 15 minute walk to the MRT. We follow the advice from our hotel staff and buy the Octopus Card. Perfect way to travel around Hong Kong .


The subway station is massive. There should have been better directions, especially for tourists. We saw one couple running back forth. We chatted with them .. They said “ We are lost and we got off at the wrong stop”. From past experience , we take our time looking for our connecting train. Much better than jumping on the wrong one heading in the opposite direction.

Peak Tram

Two stops later  we follow directions to Peak Tram. We arrive early and beat the crowd. A major tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Hoards of people lined up behind the gate waiting for the Tram. Thirty minutes later we board. I had heard that boarding time could take 2 hours depending on the time of day.


Victoria Peak 

The Peak is 552 Meters above sea level. During the 1800’s this was the go to retreat for the wealthy residents when the Tram went in to operation.

From the top of the viewing platform at Peak Galleria we see Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Harbor. This is the free lookout platform. Incredible views of the area. Last time we were here it was very smoggy and could see very little. Today it is quite clear and we lucked out!


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