Airport – Manila

On our way from Manila to Hong Kong. Due to heavy traffic we decide to leave at 4:00 AM. Upon arrival at the Airport all vehicles are being checked by Security.


All passengers are being searched outside the airport before entry. No Visitors are permitted to enter. Without having printed boarding passes, we would have been denied entry.


Now on to the Flight Desk for another document check. We are now together in another long line of passengers. Thank you Mr. Google for giving advice on when to arrive before boarding. Our documents are checked again.


Now on to Boarder Control. Documents checked and approved. Boarding passes are signed.


Security check again . Final check. Time consuming but important for safety.


Our flight is delayed. The biggest pain….lack of communication. Many passengers approached the desk asking for time of departure. The staff had no idea when we would depart. Finally an announcement was made saying  there would be an hour delay. Turns out we have a two hour delay.

Altogether we have been six hours at the airport. We are exhausted before we even board the plane for our two hour flight to Hong Kong. With that said, my travel mania keeps me on the high road of content.

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