Layover Tour – Seoul Incheon Airport

2012 -We took a five hour flight with Korean Air from Saigon to Seoul, South Korea. We were pleased that Seoul was offering a free transit tour to passengers with a long layover. What a fabulous idea. They also offered coats if needed, as it was quite chilly .Even though it was a cold and wet day, the tour was great and we really enjoyed it. The city was much more than we expected, but then again, we didn’t know what to expect anyway.

Gyeongbok Palace

Constructed in 1395, Palace was for many years the most powerful place in South Korea. Today, it is used for entirely touristic purposes, one of the most stunning sites to see.

Best Korean Food

We had lunch Korean style. Nothing like the Korean food we had in North America. Great variety and wonderful flavors. The market was fun, as markets always are.

Goodbye Korea until we meet again


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