Historical Sites – Sri Lanka

2013- This Catholic Church was built in the 1800’s. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the name of the church. It is quite beautiful with some lovely painted concrete statues lining the walls. I was most taken by the painted ceilings . Quite elaborate! We couldn’t linger as there was a wedding in progress. The bride and wedding party were stunning with gorgeous dresses . I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

Buddhist Temple

A 300 year old temple. Although it is tiny, it contains wonderful paintings and statues inside. The marble statue in the center originated from Burma The other two made in Sri Lanka are smaller concrete statues. We were told reclining Buddha was designed to depict the dead Buddha.

Dutch Fort and Clock Tower

Not much remaining of the Dutch Fort. Initially the Fort was built by the Portuguese. But in 1672 it was captured by Dutch and completely rebuilt 1600’s. There is only a part of the wall remaining, which was once the gateway. The Dutch Clock Tower remains on the top of the hill. Passing through the gateway we discover we are facing the Negombo Prison. WOW!!