Herb Farm – Sri Lanka

Being a garden maniac, this was high on my list. Our guide had an incredible extensive knowledge on the use of herbs and spices, both medicinal and culinary. Of course the purpose was to sell their products, That’s why our tour was quite brief. None the less it was an interesting little tour.

We see vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, curry plants, sandalwood and more. There was one mix of herbs to cure baldness…hummm…not sure that would work. If it did it would hit market BIG TIME!!!


  1. Lovely post, Madam..!! 😊😊
    Where in Sri Lanka did you find such a herb garden?
    I remember visiting Cinnamon Island, Tea Plantations and Black Pepper farm in Sri Lanka, but all in different places. This one stop garden seems quite new and exciting.. 😊😊
    Thank you Madam for sharing.. 😊


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