Hong Kong – Food Etc.

2019 -Our plan is to try the famous Hong Kong Restaurant, Dim Sum Square. Located in the Sheung Wan area, a short stroll from our hotel. Dim Sum is a favourite of mine. I chose this restaurant as it is rated on Trip Advisor #203 of 12658 restaurants in Hong Kong. When we arrive I am  not surprised to see how  busy it is. We are fortunate to actually get a seat.

On the menu there are photos of each dish and written in English. That’s perfect for us. We went out of control and ordered 9 dishes. Crispy Pork buns, steamed rice rolls, shrimp crystal dumplings, minced beef with parsley, etc etc. All so delicious and way more than we could eat.

Time to walk off the calories. We enjoy the area where we are staying. Very interesting near Hollywood Square and Soho.

The Des Voeux Road is known for ancient Chinese medicines. Many varieties of dried seafood, meats and seaweed ..hug sacks clustered around the doorways.

In a shop window I notice a exotic display featuring dried, Seahorses, Deer Pistols and Deer Fetus. Strange. Stranger still is the Dinosaur Tooth  ..hummm. Not sure where that could come from.

This a great walk about. Interesting and things I have seen for the first time.


  1. Absolutely LOVE dim sum. I got it with my family as special weekend treats. Favorites have to be the har gow (shrimp dumplings) and nai wong bao (steamed custard buns)– what’s yours? Would love to visit Hong Kong some day for the authentic dim sum!


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