Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#99: Old and New

Floating Island – Lake Titicaca, Peru

2003 – Photos bring back memories of the past. We will never forget these floating islands made from bundles of reeds. This is where families have lived for many years. As we walk around the island our feet sink down about 4 inches. Cruising decorative reed boats gives a good view of the island .

These sweet little children appear to be so happy.


  1. I cannot hide my disappointment at the recent visit to the floating islands of Puno. It has sadly become a pure commercial business where people pretend to live on islands they no longer inhabit. The children take part in the show gleaning a few coins for badly sung songs instead of going to school. There are so many exciting sites in Peru that it is better to go on your way than to take part in this prank.


      1. I think it has deteriorated over the last few years. I was there in November 2019 and even my guide from Arequipa was surprised and ashamed. You can imagine how the islands used to be and how people used to live, but the prank of making visitors believe that they still live like that just doesn’t work.


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