Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #92: Going Back – the Second Time Around


I love your site. This is fun way to share our photo memories.

Journeys with Johnbo

My wife, Lynn, and I standing next to the statue of Glen Frey.

I am honored to be invited to guest-host the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. By way of introduction my wife, Lynn and I are spending our retirement years traveling, and I’ve been journaling about the places we visit since March 2013. In conjunction with our travels, I’ve rekindled an interest in photography that was a hobby in my younger days. My rebirth to photography led me to participate in the original WordPress Photo Challenge series, which was then carried on as Amy, Ann-Christine, Patti, and Tina continued the concept as Lens-Artists some 91 posts ago.

Considering the current world situation, I decided to focus my challenge to your sharing images from your previous travels rather than asking you to go out to photograph new examples to share. If you visited a favorite place more than once, how did you…

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