Eastern Bluebirds

Tonight after supper I spied the male sitting on top of the box they have choosen to hopefully raise a family, its been a hectic few days, he has been sitting on guard duty ever since the Tree Swallows arrived and decided to take the box close to this one, a box the bluebirds have used in the past, the female bluebird has been spending most of the time inside the box I have been thinking she maybe is sitting on eggs but tonight while watching him she appeared and flew straight inside the box, with both her and him now going in and out of the box, only time will tell. For those of you that are not familiar with this pair, this will be their eighth year of coming to our property


  1. That’s wonderful that they keep choosing your place to raise their young! We only see them here occasionally and they seldom nest in our area. I have not seen one in several years. Thanks for sharing these photos!😊😸📷

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  2. I was so happy a couple years ago when four of them came regularly to my winter bird feeder! But we cut back the euonymus, and I think that’s why they only showed up once this past winter. They loved that euonymus!

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  3. Nature is wise. They know that this is their foster home where no one will bother them. Your visitors are a delight to behold. The photo does nothing but highlight its beauty. Have a nice weekend Anita.
    Manuel Angel

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