Flam – Our Jump Off Point

This is our stopping point as we sail through the Fjords. This Tiny Village and 300 residents. Tourists stop here and they are shopping here.

Many people here are buying at the shops and craft stores. We poked around in the shop and found a great wool cap for us Perfect Norwegian souvenir.

The restaurants were here near us . And we loved this yummy reindeer stew!

Flam Railway Museum . Built in 1940, the Flam Railway it is one of the steepest railways in the world. The displays explain how the railway was built and also the history of Flam.

Aurora Borealis -On our return sail and we catch a front window seat. My hope is to see the Northern Lights. As we sail through the Fjords and the evening begins I stand up top searching the sky and I saw these amazing Northern Lights


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