Bergen – Go Fjords Tour

September 2019…..Norway -Our ticket says 8:00AM. Good thing we arrive 20 minutes before departure.. We depart at 8:AM. Saw a few people running to catch the boat. We went on this ship and saw this Fjord Tour. I wanted to see these Northern Lights but I couldn’t see these So pleased we didn’t miss this experience. A 13 hour return from Bergen to Flam. Perfect!

Fabulous view of the water from our window seat. We beat the crowds and caught the best seat.

Astounding  views from the upper deck. We are cruising through Sonjefjord, the largest and deepest Fjord in Norway. Spectacular sight. With the light and cloud cover the skyline changes within minutes. Cold and high winds. Had to hang on to our cameras and phones with the huge wind gusts.

We cruised by and saw these Seal on the Rocks and he is staring at us .


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