Bergen – Norway

Always exciting to travel to a country where we have never been. This is now our 108th Country where we have traveled. Before heading through Security at the Charles de Gaulle Airport France, we were selected to have our carry on luggage weighed. Pat’s was over by 3KG, mine under by 4 KG. Cleared to enter! Our flight was on time. Not a full flight, so we have the whole row for ourselves

As soon as we arrive in Bergen we realize it is an expensive place. When we catch a cab we realize US dollars, Euros or no other currency is accepted. Lucky the driver accepted our Credit Card. Once we arrive into town we must get some cash.

Very pleased Hotel Scandic Ornen . Friendly staff and great room.

Next morning we are amazed at the Breakfast Buffet….more like a Sheraton Brunch….smoked salmon, meats, salads, fruits and vegetables, variety cheeses, different breads, rolls,  cereals.

We strolled around this area and we saw this painting on the Wall.

We went outside and sat down on the benches and we rested.


  1. Wow! You have been to so many countries! Scandinavia is beautiful! I stayed with my God parents in Sweden many years ago. I also went to Denmark. I never made it to Norway! Thank you for sharing your experience and your awesome photos!!! (My father was Swedish, but was raised in Finland.) I have never been to Finland either!!!

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  2. My husband’s ancestors are from Norway. As far back as he can trace his roots on both his mother’s and father’s side, they’re 100% Norwegian. We’ve never visited there, but hope to some day. Great post, Anita

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  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed my home country 🇳🇴 The west coast is quite spectacular – Bergen is much like Seattle in climate so it can be a “hit or miss” with the weather but if travelers are prepared it all becomes a part of the adventure.
    As you probably know from your visit, Bergen was a major merchant center in the days of the sailing ships due to the favorable tradewinds and at one time was also the capitol of Norway. The place is a good place to visit if someone were to only go to see one place in Norway, and in my opinion has much more to offer a visitor who wishes to experience the «true» Norway than if one visits Oslo. As so many countries is the world though, the various regions are markedly different in Norway 😄 Lovely travelogue Anita

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  4. Congrats on your 108th country! When did you visit Bergen? Never gone that far in Norway (just Oslo), but I’d love to return to check out more of it some day! Safe travels!

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  5. How wonderful that you were able to visit Norway! Stephanie was born there. It is indeed quite expensive and each of the three Scandinavian countries have their own currency. Hope you enjoyed your trip anyway! Did you remain around Bergen or were you able to explore more of the country?
    All the best
    Stephanie and Jerome

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  6. Yes Norway is quite expensive, a lot more expensive than Sweden. That’s why a lot of Norwegians cross the border to go shopping in Sweden (I am originally from Sweden). On the other hand they are quite wealthy, too bad the rest of us aren’t. Norway is not part of the Eurozone and not part of EU either so they don’t accept Euros. I am quite impressed that you visited 108 countries.

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