Lens-Artists Challenge #247 – Backlit

Dubai I saw this Fog with the Reflection in the Back and it definitely caught my attention.

We sailed around in Cape Breton and saw this glow from the sky in the ocean.

We walked over the bridge and saw this reflection from the Full Moon in Europe .


  1. It is not so easy to take on this challenge because you have to join the coincidences, but your photos show that you, because of your innate talent, make us enjoy wonderful views. Your photos are formidable Anita.

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  2. Your pictures are all breathtaking, Anita. You did a great job matching pictures to the challenge. I love the water pictures best but the picture of the road with the moon in the background is really unique. 🙂

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      1. I can see why! I can’t imagine all the views you’ve seen, Anita. You’ve seen over half the countries in the world. That’s totally amazing. How much time do you usually spend in a country when you are treking around?

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