Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Tallinn, Estonia- This huge church with its onion domes built in 1900 is under renovation ….spoiled our view but probably much needed. Even so it’s beauty shined through .We are so excited to enter. Inside we see the high ceiling are painted sky blue .What really caught our eye was all the silver art work depicting various saints. unfortunately no photography is allowed.

We eventually make our way here…so many interesting sights and we,distract us on the way. This is a lively spot on the Saturday afternoon when we arrive. It is an outdoor concert with a traditional music group performing .

Lots of inexpensive tempting food …sausages, local cheese, sweets , and cider , and bread…we had an apple tart between us and it was yummy. lots of handicrafts too.

We see so many varieties of clothes and handicrafts too. We return here at the end of our day and share a drink with each drink a beer 🍻


  1. A beautiful and historic place, also lovely to see the market and community around it. Good beer and good company is always a good end to the day!


  2. I only had a few hours in Tallinn during my brief visit to Estonia over a decade ago, so I didn’t get the chance to check out the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral…looks brilliant all the same!


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