Dominican Republic

We saw these Tall trees with these green and purple fruits . Our guide told us they named Cocao tropical trees. This cocoa is produced here.

These Cocoa Beans were ground here

These Red Coffee beans are a seed and they are very tiny.

These guys are roasting these Cocoa Beans and Coffee Beans .

We saw this woman was making these cigars. However they and amazing manufacturers in our world

We went inside and this guy gave us each a free cigar. But Pat and don’t want to smoke.


  1. The Dominican Republic has so many interesting things to offer, as you show us so beautifully. I was there many years ago and after this post I would like to go there again. Marie


  2. It’s incredible just how much of our chocolate and coffee come from a fruit: cacao! Like you, I’m not a smoker, so I wouldn’t choose to take the cigar, but I do admire the hard work to making these rolled joints!

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  3. We also saw cacao/cocoa pods when we visited Costa Rica. It was quite a surprise to see how large they are. I took only one photo of a pod and afterwards, wished I had placed my hand beside it to show scale. You’ve taken some great photos!

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  4. I’m always surprised by how big cocoa pods are. It does really bring it home how different the lives of these farmers and workers are. I hope they work for organisations that promote fair trade and support the local farmers and growers and their families?

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