Medicine Trees – Tanzania

As we walk through the Mosquito River Village our guide Sunday points out the Muiri Tree, locally known as the Medicine Tree and also named Red Stinkwood in Kenya. The real name is Prunus Africana. Liquid extracts from bark are used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate gland hypertrophy. Leaves are used as an inhalant for fever. Water is added to the pounded bark, and the red liquid is used as a remedy for stomach-ache; bark extract may be used as a purgative for cattle. Word about the curative powers of the this tree reached European pharmaceutical companies around several decades ago. Today it is in danger of extinction due to over-harvesting.

We also see a Euphorbia Tree. The sap of this tree is used to enhance scarring that is so important for the various face designs of the tribes people. However the milky latex of the tree is extremely poisonous and can cause blindness, severe skin irritation and poisoning (when ingested) with humans and animals. However when properly used this plant can serve as purgative or drug curing ulcers.

Drought is the major reason for both water and food shortage. We we noticed so many wildlife were gone .


  1. Amazing blog post and Tanzania is a terrific country judging by the photos here , I have never been there but I am sure you have experienced how life is over there👏

    Africa is always having this issue of drought leading to water and food shortage, hopefully something is being done about it there in Tanzania.💡

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  2. We lived in Mocambique for 6 years, and learnt the medical value of Pawpaw trees. One of them also for stumach problems. One of our friends did a course of the medicines in local plants. Very interesting

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  3. Tanzania looks cool yet a bit dangerous. I would love to visit one day, but I am not sure the day will come cause I am such a chicken. I used to consider myself fearless, those days are long gone. I am glad there are brave people in this world going out there into unknown. You guys rock!

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